How much water do u have to drink for weed to come out your system if you only took a few hits?

Answers:    Be careful about drinking allot of water.If you drink to much it can be toxic and kill you.You can use CERTO(fruit pectin)to hide it from a drug test.You still have to drink about 2 qts. of water.You have to let a little urine out before filling the sample.The fruit pectin causes the THC to settle in your bladder.
It doesn't work like that. There is nothing you can do or take that will clean the weed out of your system faster than TIME. For a urine/blood test, it takes 7-10 days. If they take a hair follicle, it can test positive for 6 months. Marijuana stays in your body longer then other drugs. No, 4 gallons of water will NOT do it. And if your urine is clear as water, they will definitely take blood and hair.
4 gallons.
It all depends, how much you did, how often ect...
I don't think the water will get rid of the effects. It will show up in urine for at least 24 hours or maybe longer. Even if you are just in the room where others are smoking weed you can get a contact high and I'm not sure if a contact high would show up in a urine test or not but it will affect your mind. It is best not to be smoking it or hanging out with those that do. It took me several years to get over the effects of having smoked large quantities for a few years. It slows down ones thinking and ones reflexes. Good luck on avoiding it.
It doesn't matter how much water you drink. THC (marijuana) is attached to your fat cells, therefore the more fat that your body has, the longer it takes to get out of your system. It also depends on how strong the marijuana is?

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