Why does my toenail smell when i pull it off?

Well, i just pulled the end of my toenail off, ( the part sticking over the skin ) and it began to smell really strange. It is my big toe btw and it didnt hurt me at all!!?

Can anyone tell me why it smells when the end is pulled of?
Answers:    It smells under a toenail. That's normal. Normal skin bacteria and dead skin build up under there.
Fungus. If you can easily pull it off it was definitely fungus.
Probably some kind of infection, whether it be bacteria or fungus see a doctor to get treatment.
you most likely have a fungus which is not good for you so you need to go to a doctor and get started on some prescriptions to cure your fungus. depending on how long the fungus has been there, this might take up to three months before you notice symptoms improving. been there, done that.
If you don't clean under your nails with a nail brush and soap, of course it's gonna smell funky. You didn't clean it!
Because it is really nasty to just pull off your toenails and smell them.
Because you have a fungus more than likely. I suggest going to your doctor as soon as possible.
Because your mouth is FULL of the germs that cause odor.

Heh heh.

But look on the bright side. Those; little, yellow, fungus, digger, cartoon critter things ARE kinda cute! But I like angry so.

Hey lollipoppet girley. pssst, down there below me. Does Listerine burn your feet like it does your mouth?

I dunno dude? Maybe if you gargled with it like she says, then this. would never have happened? I told ya!

you have a fungus. clean you feet more often.
soak your toe in neat Listerine...its very good for fungal infections because it is antiseptic.
Maybe you have foot fungus, ask your doctor for Lamisil.
because the inside of your toenail wasn't clean
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