How do you convince someone not to commit suicide?

I have a friend who has no religion and no ambitions for the fututre. This friend is also at the point where they aren't really concerned witht he pain that it would cause others were they to go through with it.
For me my faith and my ambitions and my loved ones are what keep me going when I'm down. What do you tell someone who doesn't have any of these things?
Answers:    Well, everyone has to make their own choice. But, you could tell your friend what he'd be missing out on by dying. You said your friend isn't religious. Does he believe death is the end? If he does tell him, "Why die when what you'll be doing for all of eternity is being nothing and you'll be stuck in death but won't know it?"
talk to their parents
well im not sure if this is good or not but you should tell him/her that she/he can change his/her life and have great future. He/she shouldn't throw it all away at once and tell him/her to think about all his/her loved ones and how they would feel if he/she left this world.
if he wants to commit suicide then remind him of all the great things in his life. and try taking him to alot of different churches until he finds one he likes. when he finds one start him doing all the church activities and let him have fun!!
Perhaps take your friend with you if you go to church, tell them it would make you happy if they went along, maybe they will start to see the brighter side of life again. Sorry you said you are a religious person so I made an assumption you go to church, no offense intended if you don't

That was all i could think off sorry it didn't help much
Point out the good things in this person. Try to boost their ego. Tell them what it would be like if they were not in your life. If you have to tell a white lie or two do it.
You don't. You call the police and have them taken away to a hospital for treatment before they kill themselves and you have to live with the guilt of knowing you could have stopped it with one phone call.
You really can't convince someone to no commit suicide, if they have thier mind set on suicide, they're going to do it.

Give your friend something to laugh about.

Maybe your friend tried to use humor to cope
with life, but people said "You make jokes
about everything". Or someone told him/her Life Is Not Supposed To Be Fun And Games. Here,
take this poison if you don't want to conform
with My Group and Our Unique Form Of Hatred,
Sadism, and Open Condemnation.

Tell your friend, well you could not please everyone, so why live? Their comfort is much
more important than whether you live or die.
I mean, why are you so self-important that you
should have a life on this stinking planet anyway?

You don't want to kill yourself, not today. There
is a sale on death tomorrow, wait and get a
discount. But do it soon, you're a pain the butt
to people who are not happy with you!

I don't know that you can convenience someone not to commit suicide. I do know that people who talk about it are asking for help. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary situation. You could tell them that. If you cant aleve the problems that are making this person sad then the only thing you can do is invite them to your church. Good Lick.
Not to be nasty in anyway but if the person real wants to commit suicide there is not much you can do to stop them. you can be there and be a good friend. and tell someone whats going on so that they can get the help to keep them safe but in all honesty don't take this on alone they need professional help.
you no people really love you and that person! just tell him/her that they don't have to commit suicide! Just tell him that you love him or even call the police and tell them! also psychiatrist might be good!
you tell them that you love them and see how serious they are about commiting suicide and tell someone like maybe one of their family members and have an intervention. if you feel that it is an emergency then you should get your friend to the er immediatly or call the athorities. i know this sounds harsh but you are doing it because you care about your friend and just let them know that you are there for them hope this helps and i will be praying for you and your friend
Write a list of why they should live, and talk it out to them.

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