Can magic mushrooms send you permanently insane?

Answers:    I've had a good few bad trips and don't take them anymore. Some feeling of panic on occasions, and guilt. If you have one really bad trip, I think the fear of it happening again makes it more likely the next one will be bad too, which makes you paranoid after you've taken them. This paranoia then blows out of proportion and freaks out everyone else taking them. I loved em.
absolutely. especially if you use them repeatedly.
i believe thee is a chance of experiencing psychosis that can remain permenant in some cases. Dont think it did me much good!
yes they could especially if you took them on a prolonged basis, but then so can all drugs, even dope!
If you have taken them in the past and are having no ill effects then dont worry. But if you are having issues then see the gp
God i hope not.
Yes. All drugs can!
I would think so!
na i don't think so. depends on how strong your mind is. i've eaten heaps and i'm only a little crazy LOL
i hope so, I don't think you ever really "come down" from that kind of thing, you just adjust to the new reality you have been awakened to. One day all will be aware of the world around us.
I think that is a bit extreme. I dont think I am insane. Or maybe I am, who knows.
no, but if you are predisposed to insanity on any level, they (or any other mind-altering drug) can certainly bring that to the forefront
The manson crowd was conditioned under the influence of LSD, but repeated or intense exposure to bizarre conditions under influence of hallucinogens will cause you to go mad.
Yes, all drugs can permanently damage the brain neurons so that they misfire repeatedly. Results in brain damage.
If you are predisposed to mental illness, hallucinogens can put you over the edge and send you on a trip that might not be so easy to return from.

Btw, shrooms kill millions of brain cells each time you get off on them. It's the poison that makes you trip.
Only if you dont have the toadstool antidote.
it can effect you on your 1st, fifth or 100th session but know this it will creep up on you then BANG! your insane
just stop what you are doing, and get some good advice on how to go about it, preferrably a good counselor..
Yes,remember mushrooms are poison is how they get you Hi
Yep. but if you got them.. lol just kidding.
I would say that 'insane' is too stronger word, but yes hallucinogenic drugs can affect your brain chemistry and cause emotional problems including depression.

I firmly believe that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves, drug induced problems can be worked through, and over time complete recovery is very possible. We must not loose hope!
you are allready insane so dont worry about it
Speaking from experience I myself have taken magic mushrooms, and last time I did them I had a really bad trip, that was 5 years ago and I am not the same since.
I would have to say that drugs affect us all in different ways some can handle them others just can not.
And don't forget that alcohol is a drug.
Nearly any mind altering substance has the possibility of permanently damaging your mental balance, particularly if you have emotional or psychological problems already. Certainly it is not a good idea to indulge in repeated recreational drug use of any kind as far as both mental and physical health go. As far as whether there's any definite study liking magic mushrooms and insanity goes, I don't suppose any clinical trials have been carried out.
I took them once and they never hurt me.
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There are two types of Mushies taken within the UK. Psilcybin mushrooms which are small and tan coloured and bruise blue when they're touched. Amanita Muscaria are more like the red and white spotted toadstools you see in fairytale books.

The biggest danger with taking any magic mushrooms is making sure you're taking the right thing. There are hundreds of varieties of out there and some of them are highly poisonous.

And as you'd expect with something that grows naturally, the strength varies depending on the freshness, the season and regional variations.

Both types of mushroom give you a trip. Trips can be good or bad. A good trip can be a lot of fun. A bad trip is your worst nightmare come to life. Any sort of trip can have quite random and sometimes very frightening effects. Trips feed off a person's imagination. One person can spend six hours in a very happy place while someone else who's taken the same mushrooms can spend six hours lost in their own fears and paranoia.

How the trip goes has everything to do with who you are, how you're feeling and how comfortable you are with the people you are with.

The effects for both mushrooms can take between 30 minutes to two hours to happen. The strongest part of the trip takes 4-10 hours and the after-effects usually last a further 2-6 hours. The more you take, the longer your trip could last.

Both mushrooms can distort colour, sound and objects.
Both mushrooms can speed up and slow down time and movement.
Both mushrooms can make you feel more emotionally sensitive. Some people feel more creative and enlightened.
Amanita's can give you the sort of out of body experience that makes you feel like you're dreaming when you're awake.
Amanita's can give you synesthesia which allows you to smell words and taste colours.
Bad trips are seriously frightening and unsettling. And you can't tell whether you're going to have a bad trip or a good trip (although there are things you can do to try and avoid a bad trip).
You're not in complete control of what you're doing. Your perception of your body and the world around you can be distorted.
Both mushrooms can make you feel sick, tired and disoriented.
Amanita's can make you nervous, twitchy and cold.
Amanita's can make make you feel so withdrawn inside your own head that you can't hold a sensible conversation.

Magic Mushrooms are not addictive in any way.

Eating the wrong kind of mushroom can make you seriously ill, and even kill you.
Magic Mushrooms can complicate any mental health issues you may have. Anyone with a history of schizophrenia should stay away from Magic Mushrooms.

Just as a point of interest:

Magic Mushrooms are illegal and class A, schedule 1 drug under the misuse of drugs Act 1971. Maximum penalty for possession is 7 yrs and unlimited fine. Maximum penalty for supplying/dealing is life + unlimited fine.
anything that plays with your mind is not good
oh yes like most drugs users they will later in life get anxiety panic attacks depression
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