What's the best way to report an abusive boss?

She cussed my supervisor out in front of customers! That's only the half of it! Something has to be done! I swear on my life she screamed at that man like he was less than human in front of customers and has done worse in the kitchen!
Answers:    Most places of business have a Policy and Procedure Manual.it contains all kinds of information about rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. The Manual should contain ways to go about filing a grievance. Policy's were made so that employee's dont feel they will be discriminated against if they make a complaint. I dont know if this business has one, but find out if they do and read it.

Failing that, if they dont have any policy and procedures, its tough because if she is the owner of the business then she kinda has the last say. If she is only the Manager, then you need to speak with someone higher. If she is the owner and she is abusive to her employees, then you need to speak to other employees and approach her together. I suggest have a meeting with all your other co-workers and put down in writing all your grievances, appoint a spokesperson, then hand this list of grievances to her.

I strongly suggest you dont do it on your own because I have been in a similar position where I stood up for another persons rights.I had the backing of my co-workers until it came to the point where we actually had to confront the Manager. I stood up in front of everyone and said what was bothering everyone. No-one backed me, they all said nothing, and I was made to look like I was the only one who it affected. Make sure you really do have the backing of your co-workers before you do anything or you could be the only one standing there fighting for human rights.

You need to speak to your supervisor and show him he has your full support if he wants to take it any further. Its a horrible thing to see when a person uses their power to degrade another human being.just be careful what you do, and make sure anything you do is in line with your Policy and Procedure Manual.if you have one. If everyone supports you and she owns the business, then there are anti-discrimination laws that protects us all.

Its a tough one, especially if she owns the business. If you all stand together you will see a positive outcome, but if you are the only one who stands up for other peoples rights then you may end up losing your job. But then, if you feel so passionate about your stance, then there are laws that protect you from being unfairly dismissed. Think about it. My best advice is talk to your other co-workers then with their help come up with a plan of action.

Good luck
talk to the superintendent
get a statement from the man who was yelled at and talk to her boss
Does she have a boss? If so speak to him/her . Document the incidents where she is abusive to you or anyone. If your senior boss does nothing , report it to your employment standards or human rights office or ministry of labour. No-one has to endure that kind of abusive behaviour. She 's not hurting you all , she's hurting the business and driving away customers and she probably is the one who needs to be fired.
Every boss has a boss or owner see them
Tell her boss. If you cannot get in touch with him, tell his/her boss. Someone will help you, unless she owns the business.
Document everything!
report to the better business bureau
If she has a supervisor or someone else owns the business, put it in writing to them. If not, contact the Board of Labot to see what they can do. Of course, you can always look for another job.
You need to speak to HER supervisor, but remember to only report facts that you have personally seen, not things that have been told to you. Also, others need to go to the supervisor, also.
Is the boss also the owner of the place where you work? If she is then there's not much you can do. But if she has a boss then a group of you could get together and go to the main boss and discuss the problem. If that doesn't work, then stage a walk-out, let the main person in charge know that you can't work for an abusive boss.
1. you should tell the guy even higher status than you my friend went though this to so your not the only one
2. is it on camera
3. these things should help there is more but im not thinking to well today im tired so enyways this should help!!
OK i can see this is really bothering you because you keep on talking about it. so set the man up and tape his @ss and then you have evidence!
make sure the head man hears the tape..don't forget to make copies.oh and contact legal aid and get an attorney and sue for harassment!
call the company you work for and and them
one word: hotsoupinherface.
Document everything, then go over this woman's head. All the way to the top, if need be.
If you have an abusive boss you might want to turn them in to the Labor Relations Board. Not only is it wrong to dicipline an employee in front of customers but it is also very unprofessional. Sounds like she is a bit of a ***** maybe you might like to find another job.
call the corporate hotline number thats what you should do i wouldnt cause i dont snitch
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