Why do i have this secret diaper fetish?

I've been keeping a secret for my whole life. I have a diaper fetish. I don't know why I have it but I do. I have a lot of childhood memories going back to the age of 3. Most of them involve diapers in some form. I enjoyed being changed,feeling loved and they were more convenient than the toilet. I didn't want to be toilet trained and I resisted as much as I could. When I finally was I didn't like it all. I missed the diapers. I thought about them for a few years and only got to wear 1 pack when I was 7. My mom caught me and I was embarrassed. So I didn't try again till I couldn't suppress my desire for them when I was 9. Since I was 9 I've worn diapers and used them when I can. I haven't told anyone about them and I'm ashamed of my fetish. So the question is. Is it ok to have the diaper fetish? And should I tell someone about it? Try not to blast me rigid people who wish to judge me. This is a serious question.
Answers:    Regressing to a certain stage of your childhood usually suggests an event with a great impact on you, event which has not been solved, understood, or confronted if need be. This fetish doesn't just "occur", since the vast majority of people evolve naturally through each stage of the childhood and, later on, of maturity.

A lot of parents, although extremely loving and caring, make a lot of common or uncommon mistakes in raising their children. From patting their childrens' genitalia to calm them down, to allowing the baby to witness sex scenes or parent nudity, from being too overprotective or too ignorant, and not being informed well enough on technicalities like when to stop breast feeding, when to start potty training etc., parents do them all. Some of them can affect the developmental stages of the personality or even the psyche. While some events, like those I mentioned above, can be traumatic (in one way or another) and lead to an abnormal development, looking deeper at the problem, it might have other explanations as well.

Psychology sustains that the regression to a certain stage suggests an unsettled event, this might either be something you know of, or something that has been repressed in your subconscious, and you can only observe the effects. Since the actions you are describing are most probably related more to your mother than other members of your family, it reflects a maladaptative relationship with her. Unfortunately, other details about your evolution, family and social interaction, and background information are necessary in order to better assess and understand your condition. I would strongly suggest seeing a psychologist about this. You should be very open minded and honest, because I can tell you it's not the diapers you're "obsessed" with, but something else that is reflected through this "fetish". If you do take this step, you will be able to understand and even discover repressed thoughts and memories, which can give a better light on reasons for your actions.
All I can say is I know exactly what you're going through. Our stories are very similar in a lot of ways. I know for my part, I was ashamed because it was wrong. It caused me to rebel against my parents, steal diapers (even though I rationalized it at the time), sneak around, lie, dispose of them in other people's trash. I don't what caused it; I'll probably never know. And I still struggle with it until this day. But in my research I've discovered that it is essentially a sexual addiction and is harmful is a lot of different ways.

My advice is to lose the diapers. Having a physical connection to them is the strongest link; once you break that, and keep it broken, you're halfway there. You have to decide for yourself to give them up no matter what, to not let an object define and control you. It'll be hard, but you can do it. I've been without diapers for two years now.
Hi i know exactly what you have gone true, be cause i have a diaper fetish too and have had the same problems with accepting my desires, but now i have accepted my fetish as a part of who I am, and now i have found peach in my life, so my advise to you are, learn to accept who you are and the desires you have, as long as you don't wear your diapers to work or show them off in public, you will be fine. And if you decide to tell your friends about your fetish, then they will accept it if they truly are your friends, and if they don't accept it they are not worth your trust and cant be called friends.
I am a diaper lover too! there is nothing wrong with likeing to wear and use diapers. Some people will think its weird buts it ok. Some diaper lovers just wear them, some will only pee inthem and others will use them for pee and poop like i do. I love the feeling of using them, the warmness ofthe pee and mushyness of the poop. Its ok to have a diaper fetish
I don't feel bad about it. If you like wearing diapers, wear diapers, be happy.
why ask why? don't let it take you down

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