Can i take my anti anxiety medicine (xanax) during the mornings while going to work?

Answers:    Tough one...Of course the labeling and literature cautions against driving and operating power equiptment. This, as well, leaves you open to a charge of "driving under the influence"in some jurisdictions.Only you and your provider/prescribe know how much this med impairs or sedates you.
I would ask your Provider for a specific order, specifying just what, if ant restrictions that you could/should be subject to, while taking Xanax.
No doubt, work can be anxiety provoking but if taking it once a day, evening would be prefered.
Any alternatives to this medication ??/ A "beta-blocker" or non-sedating med.
Good question.
nope, unless you're employed with that sleep study
I take one first thing in the morning and it really helps me. Unless you are on a really high dose, it should not effect your ability to function. I sure am able to handle my job stress better with it and I don't get panic attacks as much anymore.
I would first see how it affects you by taking it on a weekend morning. Some of these drugs can cause drowsiness and may hinder your ability to drive and or work. If you find that you don't have a problem with this, you should be able to function just fine while taking it at work.

On a side note, if your company does random drug tests you will want to have proof of your prescription because benxodiazepines (xanax) will show up on a random drug screen.
You can take it anytime that you want to as long as you don't call it medication and say it is good for me and the rest of the world too, it doesn't bother me anymore then anyone wanting to smoke a joint before they go to work, it has the same effects and is just about as dangerous. But it is your choice.
Sure, all depends on your tolerance and level of functioning .. try it out.. take half a pill to start.
see how it effects you try it on a sunday morning if you feel ok to drive and don't feel drowsy or drunk i think it is ok. it is very common for people with panic attacks or anxiety to take xanax in the morning, my prescription says take one 3 times a day
It is absolutely okay to take before going to work. I'm on Zoloft every day and I have a Xanax prescription "just in case." I have taken Xanax at work before when I needed it. As long as you have a prescription for the medication, you CANNOT fail a drug test because of it.

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