Why do I feel so tense and nervous in social situations?

Why do I feel so tense and nervous in social situations? I sit there and always think that everybody in the room or where ever I am looking at me and watching my every behavior,than I start to feel really tense and nervous,my face gets red,can barely talk,can't contcentrate at all,my mind is racing one negative though after another non stop. When people talk to me I can barely say couple words to them and than I turn ultra red and my voice becomes really high tone and my eyes get sensitive and red. Could this be some chemical imbalance in my body. How can Panic attacks just appear for no reason. My whole day goes through worrying that everybody is looking at me where ever I am. And I know that if someone will talk to me when I am feeling this way, I wont be able to respond,talk to them. Thats why I started avoiding all social situations. I am average looking guy,and Ive been told by girls that I am good looking. How do I am stop thinking that everyone is looking at me in negative way?
Answers:    Many people feel tense and nervous when they are faced with social situations, I can assure you that you are not alone. This feeling is termed "social anxiety", and I too have a bit of it myself. If you feel that the anxiety and panic attacks are interfering in your life you may want to go to your doctor and tell them about the situation. There are alot of various medications or medication combinations they use to treat anxiety and panic attacks. now as medicine is always improving they don't carry as many side effects any more and if you are having problems the medications you can take are almost endless. I am on Paxil for my anxiety and panic attacks and I've improved 100% but as all medications they work with each person different. You're doctor will be able to provide you with more information and prescribe a medication based on your medical history and need.
Your situation does sound a lot like mine, I would avoid people at all costs and at first I kept telling myself it wasn't a problem but I could see that it was limiting my ability in life so I decided to talk to my doctor. You may want to do it because once you it can change your life.
You have social anxiety disorder. You need to see a counselor or if you want medications, see a psychiatrist. I too suffer from this. Mine is not as severe, but I always feel like people are talking about me, looking at me, making fun of me. And when I try to talk to people, my mind goes blank. Seriously, see about seeing a counselor.
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#1 you shouldn't care what ppl think. #2 just be yourself. #3 you sound like you are scared.
agraphobia..or agoraphobia..i don't know jow it is spelled and I am sorry but i do not want to look it up..but you should.try taking some anxiety meds before the situation..ativan, klonopin, valium, xanax..so on
i used to be the same way. i always thought that everyone was lookin at me crazy or something just imagine what u see in them then that will help u when they are lookin at u
Poor self-esteem.social phobia.panic disorder? Seek professional help. You are way too uncomfortable not to. Call tomorrow and get in to see your family doctor.either he/she will help or refer you to someone who can!
you are parinoid, and need to get some help relaxing you may feel shy intimidatid around other. ppl listen to what a lot of them talk about and when you hear something you like well walk up and say excuse me can i give my opinion of this subject
Sounds like you have social anxiety disorder - this is a real medical term not just something made up. Check it out online under medical conditions. Panic attacks seem to come on for no apparent reason, but deep down inside yourself you have extreme anxiety that brings these attacks on. I'm not just feeding you a line, I use to have severe panic attacks and I thought I was going to die. Seek professional help - you need someone who specializes in this area. Good luck!!
Start small. Talk to a few people. Once you get a feel for it, it'll be much better. Lots of people don't like social situations - only if you actually feel physical effects, you should seek counseling. Things should improve with practice and a little self-esteem.
So what I'm hearing you say is you're a virgin??

Nah im just messing with ya. I would consider taking a couple communication classes. i think that would be your best bet. plus its cheaper then a therapist.Unlesssss. you have other issues you are dealing with or something..
good luck!
It soundas like maybe you have mild depression. Do tear up a little? Talk to a psycologist or a church councelor and get to the root of the self asteem issue. trauma can bring on social problems, nutruition perhaps.
Hey you just have a social anxiety problem..You need to tell your dr about how you feel and he should be able to help you with certain medications. I myself have major depression and I take medication. Hey I would be in a heck of a mess if I did`nt take my meds. I take Wellubutrin and ativan. It really helps me, I was on Zoloft for 13 years and they had to change my6 medication. Hey get yourself a dr that can put you on medication. Life is nice if you have help but can be pure hell if you dont have help and meds. Good luck to you. and take care of yourself!!
I get it too. Panic attacks. I just try to breathe in and relax. Remember no one's REALLY looking at you. If they are, maybe they're checking ya out, and that's not bad is it? ;)

Seriously. talk to a professional. Some medication might help?
lots of people feel this way, you're not alone! however, I have never had this problem, so I don't know what 2 suggest.

On the other hand, this makes me curious to know, why DON'T I ever get nervous around people I don't know? I am a sensitive person, hmmm. I think I sort of think of people as a neutral part of the landscape, like fences and parked cars. Or in a small room, as sort of the same as sofas and lamps, only they chatter and make noise, much like caged birds. Then I really don't care what they're thinking. Seems to work fine. Prevents me from becoming emotional at all.

Then if I have a conversation, I am not all nervous to begin with, I can relax and blurt out whatever.
it depends how you were brought up i believe you were not able to go out and socialize with other kids when you were a kid,maybe your parents were over protective and thus causing you to have this problems when you are growing up,its not too late try to work it out,i believe you are a cute guy and what i can tell you is raise your head when you walk and put a smile on your face we need you in this social world you cant do anything if you keep on being nervous you wouldnt even pass an interview if you keep what you have now take care
This is so funny. I used to have this in college so bad. I could not walk through the SUB (student union building) for nothing. All those people staring and looking..AAAKKK.

So this chick gives me a book on some general aspects of Buddhism and tells me that it helped her with the same situation. So I read it and finally got to the part about fearing large social situation. He said,” do you fear walking through a room with many people.” Duh! Now the book is a page turner right? He goes on to say that he won’t tell me why my mind is like that and what causes it, he just wants me to do the solution technique. Cool, I like surprises. So he says to walk through this room and repeat quietly in my mind, "I’m not judging anyone, I’m not judging anyone" over and over.almost see the words in my head. So I do that and freak and walk back out the door. The next day I did it at 10am when most people aren’t there and I did it. I totally said that saying over and over. Well, I was scared and paranoid but I did it. So I kept that up for a couple weeks and then did noon. Holy crap - that was brutal but i did it. After a couple more weeks I noticed that I automatically said the sentence and almost did it without thinking. The fear was leaving, not completely but noticeably different. Then it happened.

I walked through the SUB on day and heard what my mind was saying and thinking "underneath" the mantra of "I'm not judging anyone, I’m not judging anyone". I heard the following in rapid succession: "nice shirt, that color would look good, fat @ss, nice t|ts, f@g, mmmm s|ut." My mind was totally and constantly JUDGING others. It kind of freaked me out but it was there the next day and the next and the next. So what I did is forced my mind to observe but not judge, see but not place value. Kind of weird but you'll understand if you do it. Then my fear completely went away.
You did a beautiful job explaining yourself in writing. It takes practice talking in large groups. Start small. You know, there is nothing wrong about being a good listener. Most people talk too much. Have you ever heard the saying, " Still waters run deep." I too had problems twenty years ago. With time, everything gets easier. I didn't take meds to get better. Join some clubs. If you are still in school, join the marching band. You can make more friends to talk to without needing to talk a lot. You will learn to play a instrument and be part of a group. You won't need to talk very much while you're practicing the music. Just remember to smile and everything will be fine. I would not start taking drugs before trying to overcome this naturally.
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