Wellbutrin- a recreational drug?

okay so I am just starting this today- Wellbutrin 150 mg-- I was looking up on the net and it said some people use it for a recreational drug? how?
Answers:    I have been on Wellbutrin for a while now and have never experienced a "high" from it. I have heard that inmates in prison and jail refer to them as wellies, where they crush them up an snort them. I don's see how this could get a person high, but maybe when your an inmate, you will try anything to get high. I do know someone who overdosed on Wellbutrin. He suffered major seizures at first and ended up in a coma for 5 days. He was told he wasn't expected to pull through, but somehow he did. I guess any medication can be dangerous if you misuse it.
I don't see how or why anyone would want to take a depression pill just for the heck of it. But who knows people do dumb things to try to get high.
Maybe they crush it and snort it, who knows.
I don't understand why. I have been taking Wellbutrin for years and it does nothing as far as causing a "high" feeling. It can cause seizures in many also so I certainly hope this does not become a popular "trend".
Wellbutrin is an unusual anti-depressant, it's actually more closely realted to amphetamine then something like an SSRI. Which makes it a possible recreational drug. It's not hardly as cool as Adderall, but there is some potential.
Wellbutrin is not, as suggested by someone, a depression pill -- it is an anti-depression pill. I believe adults have the right to control their bodies without harming others. Getting 'high' is but one example.

I have never used Wellbutrin, but I imagine its recreational use merely involves swallowing it. People do a lot of things for recreational purposes. Some drive cars 200 mph around an oval track. I would much prefer the Wellbutrin. However, if you choose to race cars, parachute, or wrestle alligators, who am I to judge?
I've been taking it for over a year now.. I've taken a few more than i should of once and it kind of made me so cloudy that i couldn't think.. I'm a high seeker I'll admit, but its not very fun.. it doesn't feel good.. but i guess if you were having a bad day and wanted to go into zombie mode and do nothing.. go for it.. but, don't expect an actual high
I don't think so...I was on it (300mg) for years and used it as an anti-depressant. It surely didn't give me a buzz - the only thing it did besides help my depression was it lessened my desire to smoke cigarettes.
Are you kidding me? Check out pdrhealth.com. Been on WXL for a while and a big dose is not nice.

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