Why does my uthera burn after i go to the bathroom?

can someone please answer my question
Answers:    you got to the doctor fast

UTI Drink alot of Cranberry Natural
Go to a good Urologist Doc
Get a Cystoscopy Done if you have to
could be a water infection
hahahaha, once again
its telling you to see a doctor...you need some medical help
Bladder infection
urinary tract infection
I think you got the clap. Nothing to do now but kill yourself.
You sure you don't have gonorrhea?
You might have the clap...see a doctor! Quickly! And don't have sex until a doctor gives you the OK!
Ummm...you should go get checked. You could have an STD. Chlamydia and Gonorhhea can cause that burning sensation.
the clap go to the doctor and get some med`s
kidney infection, STD. lots of possibilities go to webmd & check out your symptoms.
You might find the answers here:
It could be after you "shimmy shamed" and didn't wait long enough.
You probably have an infection and should go get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. It won't go away without the proper antibiotics so hop to it.
Probably a bladder infection. See a doctor
you probably have a urinary tract infection or maybe an STD you should go to the Dr and have it checked out.
could be a water infection or cystitis. i would go to the doctor and have a urine test done. dont worry, its perfectly common in women.
I think a good question to ask yourself is "Where has my urethra visited recently that he probably shouldn't have?".
you could have a bladder infection. Go see a doctor. If your urine is dark yellow, then this is the case. Drink lots of water and see through drinks, such as cranberry juice, and it should help to clear it up.
I am assuming you are male...so it could be bladder infection, kidney stones, or std...take your pick...I'm betting on bladder infection unless you have reason to believe otherwise...
If this is a ongoing thing you need to see a urologist this is the only way to go the people here will just say anything for points.
If it burns while you are going to the bathroom it is probably a urinary tract infection. If it hurts after your bladder is empty then it is probably a bladder infection. Either way, both of these conditions need to be treated with antibiotics so you should see a doctor. If neglected the infection can spread through to your kidneys and even into your bloodstream.
You probably have some kind of bladder or urinary tract infection. Get thee to a Dr.!
Sounds like you have a urinary tract infection! drink plenty of water and cranberry juice (it helps to flush out bacteria) and get plenty of rest. if it's terribly bad, you really need to see a doctor. also,if what's coming out is brown or red and your back hurts, you may have a kidney infection. GO TO A DOCTOR.
All the answers above are good ones.
Go to a doctor before it gets worst or really serious.
You could have a urinary tract infection or you could have passed a small kidney stone which could have scratched your urethra and thereby causing this burning sensation.
It could be a simple urinary tract infection, or it could be an sexually transmitted disease.
For a urinary tract infection, I would advise drinking V8 tomato juice, and be sure that the indgredients list
" Watercress " as an ingredient. It's the watercress that actually helps, not the tomato juice itself. It's just that watercress is difficult to obtain all by itself.
People will tell you to drink cranberry juice, but trust me on this one, tomato juice with watercress is better.
I would also get checked for an sexually transmitted disease to be safe though, even if the tomato juice works. Most std's that go untreated can cause side effects over the years that are very unpleasant, ranging from blindness to brain damage.
If it's not an std and the tomato juice doesn't help, then you may need an anti-biotic to get rid of the urinary tract infection.
The tomato juice should help though.

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