Why do some white people look at me with either disgust or fear?

It really gets on my nerves. Sometimes it's this "ewww look at this stupid n word" look and sometimes it's the "oh no he's gonna pull out a gun and rob us!" look. Am I a paranoid schizophrenic ?
Answers:    How can you live like that!!?? Why would you put up with that?! Move up to Canada! Or lovely London, England! Sure we are not perfect, but I swear it's less racist than the USA! If i may speak for my countrymen/women, you would be more than welcome.
well, i guess if you look like you would do that, then no your probley really seeing it.

but i mean, it is kindof the "steriotype"
if you get what im sayin.

No you are the normal one. Humans tend to be afraid of anything they don't understand. They treat handicapped people the same way. It is ignorance on their part, and in part cowardice. Don't hate them for their ignorance, hate will only hurt you. Feel proud that you are the stronger person.
Dunno. Maybe they're wierd, or maybe you're ugly. Can't tell on this site. :-)
No you are not crazy? You are just experiencing the realities of life. As unfair as it may be, you are going to have to learn to accept it. The world is filled with prejudice. People fear what they do not understand. They fear someone who looks different because they do not understand that we are all alike in that we are human beings with similar hopes, dreams, fears and doubts, regardless of our skin color.
The disgust is a cover-up for fear. Slap a smile on your face, wink at the frihtened little chickens and strut your stuff! Never give them the satisfaction of letting it get to you!
Hey, remember this though; not everyone is a racist. Keep an open mind and you'll get to know lots of people from all cultures who do not fear you. The rest don't matter. It's THEIR PROBLEM, NOT YOURS! Good luck!
because some people are really narrow- minded. ur not crazy. but i donno, do you dress like (not meaning to sound judgemental or anything) a kid in a gang?? like chains or anything? or maybe sagging pants? if you do, that mmight be it. if not, i dont know what to tell you. just ignore those stupid people.

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