Is Adderall available in Australia?

Answers:    Adderall is a brand name.

The Generic Name is AMPHETAMINE

You can by it here but it's called Dextroamphetamine.
In all states expect Queensland you will need a referral from a Doctor to see a specialist doctor to get a prescription.

I know this for a fact because I take Dextroamphetamine.

PS. I'm a Mum with three kids and had problems in school. Like I was a dreamer, poor makes put high IQ. I wish I had known about Dextroamphetamine years ago. It has made a big difference to me now. Better late than never.
I'm sure the generic form of it is: Amphetamine.
Supposedly available but deadly stuff. I would not take it or give it to my kids.
You would need to see a doctor to determine the nearest equivalent - I think it's a Ritalin/dextroamphetamine combo - consult a professional.
you can buy it there or in new guinee i believe and smuggle it into china to make meth for profitss. Don't need to go so far for our supply though.

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