Is an IQ of 155 for a 13 year old HIGH?

I took an IQ test at geo-cities and I'm not sure if it's good or bad.
Answers:    While those i.q. tests are not 'reliable' it is unlikely to be off 40 or 50 points.

Different i.q. tests are scored somewhat differently. But, no matter, you have high intellectual potential. With that and a quarter, you can park in front of the liquor store for 15 minutes. (That was a Mensa joke.)

We live in a society where people with strong physical skills are treated as Gods, and people with high intellectual potential are vilified and cursed. Go figure.

I was an officer of Mensa from 1978 till 1983. I produced the newsletter for our local. My i.q. was almost exactly the same as yours, and it was the second highest on Fort Lewis, of 20,000 men.

You do NOT need to feel an obligation to do wonderful things for the world because you have a high i.q. That is a mistake some people make.

However, you do have a RIGHT to use that i.q. to accomplish reasonable personal goals, IF YOU WISH.

Mensa really does very little. It is mostly a social club for people, but especially high i.q. women, who normally have no intellectual peers to socialize with.

The main achievement most members reached was to reasses their lives, and often went back for more schooling once they realized they were not working to their potential.

So, if there is some hard, hard career in life you want, but fear you can't do it, use this i.q. as a motivator to develop your mind, and work for your ideal. Things like being a doctor -- or engineer if your i.q. is high on math.

We live in a very egalitarian society, so most people think it's better you not think you are smarter than others. The problem is, you are smarter than others, so sit your goals higher IF YOU WISH.

Do be careful not to let your hormones control your life. Find your future first.
nah, forrest gump can beat that.
Um, IQ tests online aren't accurate. I got a 173 when I was 11. I am most certainly not 173.
hell ya sweetie call mensa! congrats! mine was only 120
Yes that is a great score. It is off the charts.
an IQ is definately high for a 13 year old. Jim Morrison of the door had an IQ of 158 and he was an adult so in answer to your question yes that is high.
An IQ of 155 for anyone is high; the average IQ is 100.
100 is average.

155 is very high, but those websites are not realible . you need to take one professionally to get a real accurate answer.
lucky you. that is very high
Don't trust geo-cities for accuracy on this. 155 is extremely high, less than 1% can claim it. But go to a licensed psychologist before you brag about it...
If it's an accurate test, 155 is very high. You're talking the top couple tenths of a percent there. However, the question is whether the test is accurate.
100 is average 140 is genius. but web based IQ tests are questionable. If you are truly curious, mensa gives free IQ tests or your school should be able to do so

IQ's are based on age as well.
sometimes it's who ya know,not what ya know
i took a college standard IQ test when i was 16, i got a 126 on it.
100 is average for an adult. 130 is gifted.
it may change as u get older but that is a very high score.
An IQ of 155 is very high for any age. This would mean that 99.99% of the population would score below you. That being said, online IQ tests are notoriously inaccurate. I would say that if you are interested in having your IQ tested, visit a doctoral level psychologist who is authorized to provide such testing. The WISC-IV (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children 4th Edition) takes roughly 1 - 1 1/2 hours to complete, and it is the absolute most accurate IQ test that is available.
That test is not accurate. You may be smart, and may have an IQ that actually is that high, but that can only be determined by a real IQ test. A real IQ test would be administered by a school psychologist or counselor.
Yes, and IQ of 155 is high for a person of any age. But please be aware that IQ testing of any form can/is inaccurate, especially if you are a person of a different culture, race, or socio-economic status other than Upper/Middle Class White Male/Female.
sounds like you're bragging while trying to be humble. if you have an IQ of 155, i think you're smart enough to figure out on your own whether or not that's a good score.
On a real IQ test thats good. On an online IQ test that's probably average or below average.
IQ tests are suppose take age into account.
IQ test are will test your cognitive ability, not you knowledge. Throughout your life your IQ should always be the same.
I my self have an IQ of 143 (tested by psychologist) vs. 108 on line . the on line tests tend to be rather narrow in subject out of 140 questions ,the test i took had 127 questions that required math skills the remaining 23 being word association.
so in reality i took a math test not an IQ test

in reality if i had a mind also geared to math and spelling i would in fact be a genius

an IQ test should be based on the fallowing: math ,reading and comprehension/word association,science,history,la. ,general knowledge , spelling and logic
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