What does it mean?

What exactly does fondling mean? And if a child is fondled by an adult once, does this count as sexual abuse? Could this affect the child into adulthood?

Only serious answers. Please don't give any hurtful answers..I am asking about my own history. So no child is in danger here.
Answers:    fondling is in my book considered sexual abuse because the adult touched the childs sexual organs whether it was the breast or the vagina i believe all this is considered sexual abuse no adult has the right to grope, fondle, or have sex with a child
did u get fingered by some dirty old guy, it stays in ur head forever, even if it wasnt bad at the time
i would consider it to be abuse yes especially as you say and ADULT with a CHILD.hope this helps.
I don't think it is acceptable. It does count as abuse in my eyes and it is obviously affecting you for you to mention it now and understandably so. It maybe worthwhile speaking to a professional about it
yes it does count as sexual abuse, fondling with a minor is christ i cant think of a word to describe it, but to me to fondle means touching parts of the body that are intimate and with an adult and a minor this is abuse i hope you are getting help or recieved help because it reads that this happened to you at some point,it is truly sickening
to me fondling means touching certain parts of the body and yeah i believe if this happened as a child which you didnt consent to then it can majorly affect you growing up.i know this from experience and found talking to people about it can help.
Fondling is defined by any sensual touching. If an adult has done this to a child, yes it is sexual abuse. It can affect your adult life, but that isn't a definite. You may have a very normal life after this.


You MUST report this, no matter how minor you think it was. This is a very important matter and needs to be brought to the attention of some kind of authority. Fondling just may be the first step in "satisfying" his/her urges. This could get worse if it continues.

You need to tell someone and soon so that you can be protected from this happening again.
Fondling is not really a medical or legal term but more of a popular term. It refers to 'touching' using fingers but NOT penetration of any sort (using any part of the body or item).

If a child is fondled (so the adult sought to touch the child not for a medical/health-related purpose but for his or her own purposes - such as sexual gratification) this DOES represent sexual abuse and is NOT ok.

There is a fair bit of research available about the ongoing effects of sexual abuse on children. Basically, the protective factors (things that make you less likely to have problems as a result in adulthood) include things like being believed when you told someone and having it occur as an isolated incident (so only once rather than an ongoing abusive relationship) at a very early age (before you can remember). Many people have suffered such abuse and there is help available if you have ongoing issues (there are many therapists who specialise in this area).

I wish you well.
I am not a Psychiatrist, but when using the word fondling in the context that you're using it in, I'd say it is any inappropriate touching or caressing that makes (or made) you feel uncomfortable. As for it only happening once, once is too often, and it could surely affect you for many years. If you believe you've been a victim of child abuse (no matter how long ago it happened), you need to discuss it with someone, preferably a professional. And remember that whatever happened, an adult took advantage of a position of power, & you have nothing to blame yourself for. I wish you peace.
Fondle - to handle or touch lovingly, affectionately, or tenderly; caress: to fondle a precious object; to fondle a child.

Sexual abuse - 1 a : the infliction of sexual contact upon a person by forcible compulsion b : the engaging in sexual contact with a person who is below a specified age or who is incapable of giving consent because of age or mental or physical incapacity
2 : the crime of engaging in or inflicting sexual abuse

The laws governing what constitutes sex abuse vary by state, so please consult an expert on the laws of your particular state. Depending on the extent of the contact involved, it could affect someone into adulthood. If you feel that this is an issue for you, please seek the help of a licensed therapist.
It can be used in a sexual and non-sexual why. First, it must be decided if the fondling was a sexual act. If it were determined to be such, once would be one time too many by an adult in my book.

You're asking in the second part, could sexual abuse as with that type of fondling follow the child into adulthood. I'm sure it has millions of times within the last couple of hundred years.

They say that many adults who abuse children were they themselves abused. So, the cycle must be broken somehow.

In my opinion, kids should be left to be kids without being forced into adult situations or forced upon by adults. However, memories can change with time. Just be sure of what you think happened, happened.
Fondling, is feeling someone in a sexual way. If this is done to a child it is sexual abuse, and this will of course effect them. If this has been done to you please bring who ever done this to justice so that they cannot hurt another child.
If this is sexual fondling of an adult on a child, this is sexual abuse. I would think of talking this through with a counsellor, so that you can better understand and deal with this. Otherwise, a good friend may be of help. Some prefer someone who is more neutral to discuss such things with.

For the benefit of others, it would be helpful if such an abusive perpetrator was dealt with by the appropriate authorities, though I can also understand that this may be difficult for you. This is possibly especially true if you are only now coming to terms with it.

Good luck! Rob
Fondling is sexual touching.

In the circumstances described, it is inappropriate, and should be termed sexual abuse. There may be various degrees of wrongness (i.e. more or less wrong) within this category.

It could affect the child into adulthood.

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