I had a dream that I was getting married in a white dress.what does this mean?

Answers:    You want to be in a relationship..
It means that you want to get married and you want to wear a white dress. Nothing more.
that you want to get married.
that you want to get married
wow, I wish I could be a psychic.
Your dream man is coming.
hummm maybe it means your love is pure
It mean nothing to me.wat would u like it to mean to you?
It means it will rain within three days.
It means you want to release doves at your wedding.
Most people get married in a white dress, I really doubt that it is anything significant.
it means NOTHING. believe me. i have this dream all the time.
It means you want to fit in.
There's an article in this month's Cosmo about wedding dreams.
If you are not marrying in the near future, the dream may just indicate that some sort of change is occurring in the near future. Could the white dress thing be guilt lol.
This is something that I have heard but i don't think is true because I had the same dream long time ago. I heard that you will die soon please don't believe in it. I'm just putting it out there just to see if anyone alse has heard the same thing!
Getting married in a white is very normal.

White = pefection, untouched, pure, clean

However, most people get married in a white wedding gown.
In your case, it could mean that you are the person who wants to stand out in public.

You want to be different, special out of original. It also means you are looking for attention
well i dont think dreams really mean anything. i have tons of dreams, usually crazy bizarre stuff that i remember the next day. they never mean anything.
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