Drugs.. cocaine, ecstasy, meth, heroin, lsd... help and advice?

Ok, im 17 yrs old and im a very good student. I love trying new things and want to try something new. I do pot now atleast 2 times a week for paste 2 yrs, and i am totaly fine. I drink also at party's. I would like to know from people who tried other drugs about ADDICTION and is it really addictive. ALL ANSWERS ARE WELCOME beucase i would just like to see what people say about differnt kinds of drugs.
Answers:    Wow, I love how biased answers and sermons are preached on EVERY question asked about drugs. Yuri, I responded to your e-mail, and I'm glad that you ask these questions - keep asking.

Allow me to break it down for you man. Because it doesn't matter what any moron on here says about "their past" or what you shouldn't do, the fact is if you are presented with it you may not know enough about it to make a decision based on knowledge. Sure, sure... drugs are bad, as people say. I'm not advocating any of what I'm about to say, but I want you to know - from my experience - that drugs are not BAD, they are what you make of them. Here goes man:

Cocaine: Addictive? Yes.
My experience: Cocaine has been definitely known to cause physical dependence because of the way it is processed in the body. I spent a deal of money after my first few times with it. The euphoria is intense - especially the first few tries and especially depending on the quality. As I described in my answer to your question, alot of what hooks users (in my opinion) is the fact that the coke out there on the streets is far from pure - its been cut down so many times that you can't possibly know unless you cut it yourself. Get your hands on some purer white, and the weaker stuff just doesn't cut it. The price is the same, but its quality is deceptive. I cut it loose after awhile - but I was pretty lucky you might say. I have friends who are dead and incarcerated for snow exclusively. But the effects are euphoric and definitely addicting.

Methamphetamine (HCl): Addictive? Yes.
My experience: I've had many unfortunate events happen as a result of my use of this drug. But the effects are amazing feelings of euphoria and rushes of energy, feelings of "being able to do anything". Crystal would be the BEST drug out there by far if it weren't for the fact that it just runs the life out of your body. While on it... it is DEFINITELY an experience. I loved it. (Which doesn't always mean its a good thing necessarily, but I'm being honest...) The effects are cocaine times 10, but the comedown (aftereffects) are cocaine times 10 as well. As I told you, I've been up over 9 days on tweak in the past. It's THAT good... Scary, but true. Again, with crystal meth, its best not to try it without fully accepting the possibility that you may not stop.

Ecstasy (MDMA): Addictive? Yes/No.
My experience: I've rolled on ecstasy probably more than anyone else in my age group. I wrote my darn college research/argumentative paper on MDMA, for God's sake. (If you want to read it, I posted it in response to a user's question - check my profile). Crystal meth is often present in many tabs - along with the MDMA. It is a much cleaner rush when you take E, as opposed to straight crystal. It also doesn't last as long, making it easier to function and not have to go through as extremely long crash periods following use. There are people out there who sell bunk (non-reactive) tabs, but its not as bad as with acid. Ecstasy is not usually associated with physical dependence (addiction). It is usually labeled as such and preached as such because of the addictive adulterants in the tabs (such as crystal meth). But ignorant anti-drug advocates choose to ignore the fact that the effects are cut down when reacting with the methyledioxy group in the MDMA. There is an overdose rate with ecstasy, so you must be careful how many you take. This I can further explain for you later if you ask.

Acid (LSD): Addictive? NO.
My experience: Lysergic acid diethylamide is NOT addictive. Most people don't even know how this drug effects the mind and body, as well as the psyche. Acid is a journey. It may sound "hippie" and far out there, but its something you realize from experience with the drug. The problem with acid is getting the "real deal" these days. Do not exclude acid from the list of possible new experiences based on what you've heard in the past. And there has only been one documented death as a result of overdosing. A man accidentally dosed 320,000 micrograms, and died. A 40,000 mic dose has been documented and the man survived. You're lucky to get 100 mics in some acid on the streets. Unless you want to overdose, you aren't going to. You'd probably have to sell your house to get 320,000 mics, too. So nothing to worry about in that respect. If you have any questions about acid, email me.

Shrooms (Psilocybin->Psilocyn): Addictive? No.
My experience: I explained in my e-mail about mushrooms, and how they are obtained and are processed. They are "Nature's acid". More mellow than LSD, but nonetheless powerfully psychoactive and worth an experience. They are not addictive, and as I stated in my response, I have ingested over a gallon of shroom tea (2 pounds brewed) and did not overdose.

There are many other pills, chemicals, and other drugs I have much experience with, however I simply answered to the one's you specifically asked for here. If you want more, I'm open.

If you would like to know anything else man, send me a message. I have tons of best answer questions in my profile relating to many of the chemicals you're asking about. When I write about what I know, I write a LOT.

Once again, I'm not advocating the use of illegal substances - but if you decide to try something new, it is PARAMOUNT that you have valid information on the how's/what's to do when using. Let's face it, people are going to use drugs - and I, for one, am in NO position to tell them not to. That being said: It is best that people, who wish to pursue new experiences of this matter, are informed on what to do so that they can make the said experiences as safe and smooth as possible. Simply put, if people are going to use drugs - it's better they do it right than do it wrong and have a tragedy due to misinformation.

Don't hesitate to ask, brother. Knowledge is power. I'm always here to offer my experiences to anyone who cares to ask.

Hope I've helped you, mate :)
alrite listen up dude, this all from experience, i might as well tell u now stick to POT thas the only drug u would wanna do, ive tryed pretty much everything except stickin needles in my arm which is nuts, all these other drugs like cocaine, meth, heroin lsd are so not worth it.. i mean u can try ecstasy its a trippy experience but dont keep doin it aite? a lot of people are gonna be like why am i tellin u to drugs? well becuz im like u i like to try things and see how they are myself so im tellin u if ur gonna do sht stick to POT coo?
If you are looking to experiment, "From Chocolate to Morphine" is an excellent book. (Click link)

Please remember that drugs can be dangerous and use caution.
all drugs are highly addictive if you want to try them be sure you are ready for the consequence you think you will do it once then ur only gonna do it on occasions then just weekend and before you know it its everyday not only can all those types of drugs kill you but they can destroy your mental health.Be sure you know what u r getting into be for u take the risk.
I pretty much agree with all he's said. I pretty much stuck to the lsd, ecstasy and mushrooms...I think the part you should focus on is that the hallucinations are caused because your brain is bleeding on your spinal cord...or at least that is what I was led to believe...here's a link to webmd that comments on all kinds of recreational drugs http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/tc/te...
I can't advise you on drugs but I see two choices for you, many years of health and fun or many years of misery.
I wasted 3 years of my life being addicted to heroin while also using meth in between and yes, I did stick needles into my arm.
My best friend never came off the stuff and died from an overdose at age 39.
I found an 'out' when I was 21 and proceeded to have a life.
Why take a detour first? Why not just HAVE a life with all its excitement, challenge and joy?
Not only are cocaine, heroin and meth very addictive, but you never know what you get on the open market. Stuff gets 'stepped on', cut with all kinds of nasty fillers, and costs you money.
You lose the ability to cope with life's natural emotions when you mess with drugs.
By the way: were you high on pot when you wrote your question, or do you normally not spell very carefully?
i started out the same way.. just liked to try new things.. well i tried a little bit of everything until one day i found something that i liked too much... i didn't intend to get addicted.. but i did.. wound up a junkie... it took me almost killing myself and messing up my heart forever to quit... this has been years ago and if i think about it hard enough to this day it makes my mouth water literally.. so just say no now... stick with your pot if you must but leave the rest alone... you can't undo what you've done in the end and you have to live with it the rest of your life
OK you have smoked for pot for two and you are totally fine huh? I don't think so you are 17 years old. Now you want to know what is addicting? Let's see all of the above you named. Coke is so full of crap these days one good line can kill ya. Ecstasy, rape death or both meth you are nuts it's cheap man's coke with everything from rat poisin to drano in it, heroin one good high the first time addicts you, LSD great if you want to fry your brain which by the way all these things do. Alcohol a liquid drug. Any drug is addictive. My daughter was addicted to meth in high school, let me tell you how much she hates a tweeker, I work with teenagers and you need to straighten your sh*t now because if you are this interested in drugs you are doomed look at the Internet at what all these drugs can do to you. Not to mention when you get popped by the cop sand get a free trip to juvie I truly hope you open your eyes little girl
Smoking twice a week won't kill you (don't smoke more though, that addiction sneaks up on you), but that other stuff will. Avoid coke, heroin, ecstasy and especially meth (tweekers are sketchy motherfuckers!). Trying LSD once should work out all right, just don't do it after that. Stay away from "hard drugs"; they are all bad. Stimulants are the worst, and the people that habitually do them are the shadiest people on earth. I
If you're "a very good student" as you claim, you should be able to master the basics of spelling and punctuation. In particular, your use of the apostrophy could use some work. If you want to try something new, try writing like a grown up. It may not be as exciting as drugs, but it looks like it would be something you've never done before.

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that something terrible will happen if you try a "hard" drug. Many people do try them once, or even take them a couple times, without becoming addicted or having any serious long-term side effects. However, many people do become addicted, even if they thought they could do it just once to see what it's like. They try it once, and they like it, and it's all downhill from there. Any drug addict will tell you that the first high is the best. You could well end up spending the rest of your life trying to replicate it, even if right now it seems like it could never happen to you.

Also, any one of the drugs you listed has the potential to cause a bad reaction that can do serious long-term neurological damage, even with just once use. It's rare, but it can happen. Probably LSD is the worst of the ones you listed in that regard. And ecstasy is known to cause changes in your brain chemistry that last for months after just one dose, and cause reduced experience of happiness, although that effect does normally disappear after about two months.

At 17 your brain is still developing, making excessive drug use particularly dangerous (and btw, alcohol is actually a drug). Appart from the risk of becoming dependent, or inflicting physical damage by ingesting posions, you also still have the ability to impair development of your central nervous system. So if you're going to try any additional drugs, you'd do well to at least wait a few more years.

You're already smoking pot regularly, which would put you at increased risk for becoming dependant on other drugs. Two or more times a week is a lot. And as for being "totally fine," you appear to have the writing skills of an average 3rd grader and yet consider yourself a good student, so perhaps your judgement is a bit clouded.

If you want to try something new, take up a new sport, learn to paint, even go bungee jumping if you want. While you might be able to take whatever drug just once without any serious consequences, you could also end up seriously screwing up your life, and your body. Ultimately, it doesn't matter how many other people have gotten addicted and how many haven't. What will matter is whether or not you end up getting addicted. However many million non-addicts there are in the world, that won't make you any less addicted. Don't try any of the drugs you listed, especially not at your age.

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