I feel like I should die?

I went to stay with my child who is 14 and lives in another state. My ex-husband moved due to job reasons and she was staying with his mother. I was only able to stay for 3 weeks.

Now, I see that my child is not doing well in school and I feel like its all my fault. I feel like my life is not worth living and that I should die.

What should I do about these feelings? I can't see any good in life at all and just feel terrible about myself. Its guilt mixed up with depression. I try to pray and leave it in God's hands.

What else can I do?
Answers:    Before thinking you should die, ask yourself:
"If I were to die, what kind of position would that put my child in? How much harder is that going to make her life? my ex-husband's life? The people around me's lives?"

I'm not a psychologist, but I used to think like that at times.

Whether they want to admit it or not, everyone means something to somebody in this world. If you died, those people would hurt. Remember that next time you get to thinking like that.

As for your daughter, be there for her as much as you can and in whatever capacities you can. Above all else, faith is a good thing. Never lose it.

Lastly, my religious advice; Instead of praying and leaving it to God, ask God for the things you need to weather the storm you're going through and ask him for the things to fix it.
I think we're all looking for a life worth living. That's why I drink myself to sleep (I don't suggest it for you). If prayer is something you want to do, fine. However, don't just hang out until God fixes things for you. You seem overwhelmed with guilt. I've been there many times, but for different reasons. You need to realize you can't change the past. If you can be a positive force in your daughter's life, even if it is through writing letter, e-mail, calling, or any other means, then do it. I believe it will have an impact on both of your lives. Perhaps you should see a psychiatrist, or at least a counselor. You might need to go on an antidepressant, if only for a short period of time. These drugs are sometimes very helpful in getting depressed people back on track. Once you are feeling better, you might be able to go without the drugs. If you have to stay on them to feel good, that is OK too. I know all too much about guilt. It is a very destructive emotion. If you ever truly feel like ending your life, even for a day, GO GET HELP! It can be a rapid downward spriral at that point.
I am sorry you are suffering, life is full of suffering isn't it ? But is not worth dying, I mean you can die anytime if you decide, so, why don't you give that thought a try. YOU CAN DIE ANYTIME IF YOU WAN TO.I can not make a decision for you, nor no one can fix it for you. But, good news is there are so many kind loving people around, and you can find them all around you. They are there, and making connection with these people can support you. I am also looking for a support group, I do not mean go to a meeting, but friends, associates, people care, and like to help. Try volunteer work, you can meet all kind of loving people. Expand your life style, and reach out. See what happens, then if you want to die, Die. But if you die, there is no going back. please remember that. I do not know you, but I love you, and I care.
Improve your living situation to the point where you can ask for custody of your child. If she is not actually living with him but with his mother, perhaps there's something in the original custody stipulation that does not provide for that. You'll probably need legal advice to make the changes.
Wanting to feel better is the first step. Good for you! Wanting to feel the good that is permanent is step two. To know the law that upholds your life and your daughters' life is freedom. (You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.--Christ Jesus.)

Many have found answers in a book called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. You can read parts of it on spirituality.com that can turn your despair to hope.

You are not helpless nor is your daughter. Trust that all is unfolding as it should and learn through study and prayer how to allow more of divine Love's abundance into your life.

I wish you well :)
Fourteen is a little late to be fixing a child's bad habits but with a lot of hard work it may not be too late.

Have you considered trying to get custody? If your situation allows it, that might be a good way to go. If your situation doesn't then an adjustment to you status might be in order. If you are unwilling to make a change for your child, you will have to write her off and continue with your life. That may be the real issue here. Whether or not you are willing to step up and take the responsibility.

The problem is, I don't know you or your current situation. Additionally I don't know your Ex or whether your child was doing well with him or not. There are too many variables here for me to make any real suggestions. The best I can hope to do is give you some different things to think about. If you do go for custody, make it fast, the time is NOW at the very latest to have a positive effect on her life.

Good luck on this issue. I don't envy you.
Well if you want to feel sorry for yourself and cry and whine about how terrible things are then maybe you should just get it over with and die.

I have been in your position and it sucks, no doubt about it but running around letting the "game" kick your as s is gaining nothing for nobody. Your kid has been through enough, she needs to get settled and adjust so she can get on with being a kid and having a life, getting done with school.

If she sees you crying and whining feeling sorry for yourself she may end up sinking with you, OR she may end up calling you a "Wus" and seeing you as weak, and wanting nothing to do with you. Worse..she may emulate your attitude and your emotions- real good influence for a teen nowadays.

SET THE EXAMPLE FOR HER- there's your reason to stop being sad, guilty and depressed.

Pick yourself up off the floor, crawl out of the the pits, stop feeling sorry for yourself and go on with your life. If she (you daughter/son) wants to maintain a relationship with you, then do so, and do your best, that's all you can do, but don't make him/her feel obligated or guilty because they feel sorry for you. If not, then do yur best to let him/her have a life. Just be available if she changes her mind.
Trust me you do not want to die. Life has good advantages you just haven't seen them yet. I know your daughter means every to you but that is no reason to die because if you do you child will be more sad and depressed so please don't kill your self or die.
Hi,You should contact a doctor right now!
Hi..hmm I hope i can be helpful to answer your question..
Let me tell you something about me that i have been through awful feelings of depression. i tried to fight but i couldn't i knew that i needed to get help which i did. I was on the medicine (Celexa) for my depression however there was side effect like almost every medicine which will dry mouth, and bit of anxiety, etc.. but they usually goes away in few weeks. It was amazing when i notice my depression and anxiety evaporate and started to feel that my mind and my roller coaster emotion back to normal. I looked into the mirror with boarding grin and said,"Hello me! Glad to see you back!!" Of course with a help of psychiatrist. So my friend there is a way to get rid of your depression is by seeing your doctor and he or she will refer you to psychiatrist and then he or she will prescribe your medicine (there are number of different kind medicines that doctor/psychiatrist can design what's best for you. You will bring your daughter with you to work out the problems.You will thanks me later and BELIEVE me you can't fight your depression alone and nobody can't.
go to Dr.Phil he'll sure get u the best help/read family first
do you need a reason to live...or to die?

"In my many years online, I have met dozens if not hundreds of people who find themselves thinking the exact same thoughts you're thinking -- I can't go on any longer. I just feel too overwhelmed by it all. Nobody loves me, and those who do are just saying it; they're probably lying. I've gone on feeling so bad for so long, I just don't feel like I can take it any more. I give up."

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