Can doctors tell if you have refilled your prescription?

Are doctors notified each time you refill?
Is there some record of it?
6 months ago I was given a xanax prescription with 6 refills.
I went through all of them. It needed to be filled by April and I did as directed. Now that I am out I wonder if the doctor will see that I went through all of the refills and refuse to prescribe it to me again. I mean, why give me six refills if I'm not entitled to them, right? I've tried many anxiety meds and xanax is THE ONLY one that works so effectively.
Answers:    No, they're not notified each time you refill.

The only record is at the pharmacy of any refills. The doctor is not notified at all.

Once they write you the prescription, it is out of their hands.

Your doctor will grant you a refill because he/she won't know, but he/she may wonder why you need a refill so soon.

I know this because I have taken meds in the past that I never refilled. The doctors did not know I never refilled them.
If xanax is the only one that works, why keep worrying over if the doc will find out or not? Why not just tell him that it is the only one that works?
if you took them as prescibed then he would refill them when you go to see him
I dont see why you should even be worried if you took it the way you were supposed to. So if your honest then dont sweat it.
If you're out of refills the pharmacy won't be able to refill the prescription without contacting the prescribing doctor, so yes, he or she will be contacted for an approval. If you had refills left on the prescription then the doctor isn't notified of each refill. The pharmacy keeps track of how many refills you have made.
Yes your doctor will know. Once You have gone through your refills the pharmacy will request either a new prescription or will contact your doctor's office.
What state are you in? I know in Ohio you are only allowed 5 refills max on a controlled drug. If it was the original fill and 5 refills you are due for a new precription from your doctor. They are not notified any way that I can think of unless they call the pharmacy or you take them your bottle to show them that you are out of refills. I wouldn't see why the doctor would refuse to give you a new script. If your script was for a 30 days supply each time you are right on time to have it filled. Don't be afraid to go to your doctor or ask your pharmacist. They can always help you to know what to do too.
If you were taking the prescribed amount, the doctor will likely have no problem with your refills. He / she may want a follow-up visit. It couldn't hurt to have the pharmacy call in refill.

I have noticed that worry regarding the status of refills is very common with anxiety disorder. Once you find something that works, it is understandable to worry and be anxious that this miracle will be taken away. Please explain that worry to your doctor, so your doctor has a chance to tell you not to worry. Or, you will know it is time for a new doctor.
...the doctor has a record and the Pharmacy... espicially if it's a federally controled substance... Call the Doctor, have him re-fill it... umm ? (don't fool around with bosus Rx's it will get you "deep-deep" dooo, doo)...
I'm not sure whether the pharmacy notifies the doctor or not. They certainly are allowed to release that information to the doctor. But it shouldn't matter either way. The reason that your doctor only gave you six refills isn't because you're never allowed to take it for more than 6 months, but rather because he wants to re-evaluate at that point, and also because there are legal limits on how many refills you can have for a controlled substance without obtaining a new prescription. He intended you to take the medication as prescribed, and if it's working as prescribed, then he'll probably prescribe it for another 6 months.

The point of limiting how many refills you can have is mainly just to force doctors to check in with their patients occassionally while they're taking the medication. Doctors don't always do that otherwise, so with medications with a high addictive potential, they limit the number of times that your doctor can let you refill the prescription without talking to him again. Then your doctor can talk to you, make sure that you're not abusing the meds or anything, and that there's no reason it's not ok for you to keep taking them, and then give you a new prescription with another 6 refills before you have to come in again. It's not a life-time limit on how much of the medication you can have, just a limit on how much you can have between doctors visits.

So don't lie to your doctor. Tell him you've been taking the medication as prescribed for 6 months, and have run out of refills, and it's really helping and you'd like to keep taking it. He'll most likely give you more of the same thing, and if he doesn't, it will only be because there's a good reason that you need to try something different at this point.

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