What will happen if I take Adderall if I don't have ADD or ADHD? Will it help me improve my grades in school?

Answers:    No. It is highly addictive and dangerous medication. My son was on it for many years and now that he is off it he does not have OCD any more. So I believe though it may help severe cases of ADD or ADHD it is not good for everybody.

You are on the path to trouble if you start taking drugs that you do not have a prescription for.
No it will not help you get better grades.
What will get you better grade is to read those books and do homework!
absolutly NOT, do not take something that is not perscribed to you, or if you do not have the problem it is used for tosolve
That's taking medication for a condition you don't have.
That will NOT help.
Back to the books.
Don't use Adderall for studying. I know people who have done it and it destroyed their ability to study without the drug. It also has side affects.
Yes it probably will
It will make you focus better which might help you with you work

But it will also come with some serious side effects
adderall is a pretty serious drug that is taken much more casually than it should be.
Some side effects it can cause (and likly will cause) are: tics, depression, insomnia, loss of appitite

I had a perscription of it and was ignorant enough to believe that if a doctor perscribed it it would be okay. And unfortunitally I learned the hard way that this is not the case. And I believe adderall had perminant damage on my brain
Addrerall, like most ADD/ADHD meds is a stimulant. No one knows why making kids' brains work harder helps them out with ADD/ADHD, but it does. All it will do is make you hyperactive and show signs of actually being ADD/ADHD.
It will make you a twitchy idiot. but for increased reading comprehension, I reccomend crystal meth.

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