Deaths per year caused by overdosing on ecstasy?

about how many deaths per year are caused by overdosing on ecstasy?
Answers:    "While the number of deaths related directly to ecstasy use is relatively low (only a handful have been reported in Great Britain and the United States), the side effects of the drug include dehydration, heat exhaustion, and dangerously high body temperatures"

There really aren't that many Ecstasy deaths at all.
Does it matter. Shouldn't be doing that stuff.bad, bad, bad!
I don't know the figures, but one person is too many.
who knows what they put in it Im not sure how old you are but Extasy was the drug that came out 8 years ago and the stuff now is called by the same thing but its not at all the same
I have read that there are anywhere from 10 - 100 Ecstasy-related deaths in the USA every year. That data is not very good as you can see! I couldn't find anything more spectific than that, sadly. I hope you find it, but there is something to at least start with!

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