Blue Balls, sperm filled testicles, bulge.?

I am wondering how much larger will my balls be when they are full of sperm. I need honest answers as to how large both, your left and right testicle are. Width, length, and depth. (Guys only). I know that your testicles are enlarged as they fill with sperm, but how much will this be. The second thing is that I have been trying to figure this out on my own and noticed that my 19 year old friend seems to have quite a large bulge. What can I do to make it seem like I havve a bulge.
Answers:    Testicles do NOT enlarge with sperm. They are the size you are genetically engineered to have. Some guys are hung, others are not...stop with the worry. I don't think you want to stuff a sock in your underwear to look like you are hung, do you?
You really need to find another hobby.
Ahhhhh a sock lol lolllll Trust me girls don't give a damn about that don't do anything ya tard...
have your friend kick you than they will swell, other than that or having fake testies surgicaly implated they will not swell with sperm/seamen..this has to be the funniest/wierd questions to date...oh..why you looking at your buddy like that?
Wear a cup.
umm, your testicles remain the same size. and your friends junk is obviously bigger than yours and theres nothing you can do about it. lol.oh and size DOES matter. i've dated asians!
Since you and your friend are so caught up in the dilemma, why let them fill up, that is if you two can keep your hands and mouths off each other long enough to get your answer. I wouldn't even know how to tell they are full, unless they got too heavy to walk.
Not every guy's testicles are the same size!

it's the same with guys having different size penises, not everyone is the same.

Blue Balls, when you balls are filled with sperm and you don't release with masturbation you body will find a way to release your sperm that's when some guys have Wet Dreams.

Wet Dreams are when guys having sperm on there body's when they wake up in the morning without having to masturbate.

Don't stuff yourself with socks or put anything to improve your size, you will only cause embarrassment to yourself and your friends will make fun of you.

it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it.

Some guys that are large in size and don't know how to use it and you have some guys that are small or average and they do a better job.

I had this friend that was very large and I was told that all he did was laid there and let the other person do all the work, like he was Special then everyone else...

Just be yourself! :)

I hope this helps... :)

any questions feel free to ask.
Your testicles make speam, then the sperm trave though a tube ( which you can feel behind the testies), and are stored in the vas deferus ( mispelled) where they are mixed with fluid to make seamen. Also, don't stuff your undies with socks or anything. It is better to not have a bulge ( not every guy has one), than to stuff it and it fall out in public or when you do get down, that your partner leaves when he/she finds out your guilty of false advertisement.
Your testicles do not bulge from excess sperm. Where do you guys get this crap? Try doing some research on your body by doing a run. Sometimes males are so ignorant about what goes on in their own body and won't take time to research it. Instead they listen to a bunch of inbred know nothings passing on nonsense.
To make it seem like you have a bulge, put a rolled up sock in your skivvies...and the girls will laugh and point at your crotch and think you're some kind of weirdo.
You think by having a 'bulge' the women will lay down and spread their legs for you? HAHAHAH You've been reading too many crotch novels!
Grow up!
firstly, testicles produce sperm but they don't 'fill' up with it. Rather, sperm moves along up to near the prostrate where it is stored briefly and then expelled from the body during ejaculation. And if you don;t manage to cause the ejaculation, it will just happen - usually at night while you are sleeping (the wet bream phenomena).

Secondly, testicles come in all sizes. Once you are fully developed yours will be as big as they are supposed to be for you. And that will be normal for you. No, they won;t swell and shrink noticable (unlesss you get kicked and then they might swell to the size of a baseball - but I doubt you want ot try that just to make them bigger.

Thus the size of your testicles is normal for you and the size of mine is normal for me. Sure if we compared them one of us might be a bit bigger than the other but we are each normal. Similarly with yrou friend, comapre yours to his and you will find that maybe his are a bit bigger. But no matter the size, as long as they function properly and you keep them out of the way of stray feet, you are fine.

As for showing a bulge, I find it interesting that you actually wan tto show off your assets. So many guys today seem to be more intent on hiding what they have and making themselves appear as if they have nothing down there. My take htough is that us guys shoudl be prousd of what we have and if we bulge some, well, let others notice. After all, our genitals are external and bulge they should.

While some guys can stuff socks or other things in their underwear to make themselves appear larger, tha tis a bit of false advertising and th efirst person who finds out will surely spread the word that you are not near as big as you appear to be. So, I never suggest trying that except in a special situation that may warrant a big bulge. Far better to try to acccent what you have than falsify the evidence.

So, you can try a couple things. One is underwear. tight ones tend to conceal your package while going commando might offer the opposite effect. Try different underwear and none at all for a week each and see which allows for the most bugle. Also, heavy weight fabrics like denim may not allow for as much bulge as lighter fabrics. Thus going commando in polyester pants definitely shows off more than tight briefs in jeans especially in some positions. Thus if you were to manage to maintain an erection all day while going commando in polyester pants, I suspect everyone at school would know you do have something nice to offer. though that may lead to some pretty weird looks form teachers - hehe.

Anyway, be happy with having fully working genitals and learn to use them to provide maximum pleasure and all will be fine whether they are big or small or (like most of us) somewhere in between.

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