Is it natural for a 13 year old to have stomach hair?

Answers:    Don't worry about that. I'm 13 going on 14 in 2 days and i have stomach hair, that means you just went through puberty early!
no it means ur gonna turn gay or be a virgin 4ever
Yes, people mature at different rates.
Yes, you're getting to be a big boy now.
yes it is fine
yes it is because the body is changing.
Yes, your body has hair on every inch of it except for the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Be happy you have stomach hair, that means it will eventually be chest hair!
i agree with the first guy
yes. hello- puberty!
Everyone matures at a different rate. If yu have reached puberty and your body has started to mature. it's natural for you.
i agree with the guys who agrees with the first guy
Yes You can have hair everywhere I've seen men with hair ON there nose! You're probably going through puberty.
Everyone has hair pores all over their body. Often depending age or whether your a guy or girl the type of hair or hair color differs. For some teens their hormones change sooner than others and their hair might be more like adult hair.
So the answer is yes its okay to have hair on your stomach. If your wonder how you might look when you get a little older think about how much your older siblings or parents or uncles/aunts may look. Amount of hair is usually a bit inherited. I have darker hair than most because my family is partly Italian.
Dont worry though, the nice thing nowadays there's always som product that will take off what you dont like.
There's nothing wrong with a little hair Honest.
For a Boy you are starting to go through puberty, and yes that is normal.
Now if you were a girl I would question that.
You will see hair there, on your chest, underarms and privates as you grow older.
It's natural for a young teen approaching puberty to have hair on the lower abdominal and/or pubic area. In a female, the hair pattern is in the shape of a triangle, with the widest part on the pelvic area and the point between the thighs. In males, it is just the reverse, with the point upward and the widest part between the thighs. Growing hair on parts of the body where it's never grown before is a natural sign of maturity, but that varies among individuals, with some folks just being naturally hairier than others. If you're concerned about it, I would recommend that you check with your family doctor. However, I don't think there's anything abnormal about the hair. You will also start growing it on your chest, if you haven't already, and of course males grow hair on their face also, some more than others, but that's also perfectly normal. Good luck!
I just turned 14 and I have a little hair around my belly button.
I think it is natural.
yes, it just means you have high amount of hormones that make your body hair grow faster thats why you hear alot of kids having mustaches like at 10 years old there homornes in there body are at a high amount
yes, its just hormones...
Yes. Many people get hair. Some, more than others at an early age. Others, less at an older age. Some, more at an older age and less at an earlier age. I have a cousin who's harier than my brother and he's only 15. My brother is 20. As a matter of fact, my cousin has more hair than my dad, who's 47 years old. I just started getting hair last year, 14 years old. I've had leg hairs and arm hars and a few moustache hairs and a lot of pubes, but hardly any hair on my stomach or chest. It's just the way our DNA is. Either we get a lot of hair or we don't. And, if anybody says if somebody's hairy, either they're going to be gay or a virgin for their whole life, they're wrong. I'm 100% positive my cousin has banged his girlfriend lots of times.
it is normal to has hair in the abdominal skin not in the stomach. 13 in a normal age for having those characteristics
I always thought that meant u were going to turn gay
that means u have a big penis. YUMMMAAYYYY!
yes i have hair on my stomach
people mature at different rates, i started growing it at 16 but it's ok if you grow it at 13. You should shave it off though cause that's groce.
no ur gonna die
well im 15 and i dont so im kinda jelous but dont get rid of it, trust me you will regret it. i know some of my older friends did and now they look like idiots

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