Why do men shake after they pee?

and why don't they always get the urge? only sometimes.
Answers:    he/she's talking about the full body shivers (like getting goose bumps from being cold) some men get after relieving themselves. Some men shake and it's caused by the autonomic nervous system. He/she's not talking about shaking the man meat to get out the stubborn urine that's unwilling to make the leap into the toilet bowl.
to lose the loose drops of pee.
the urge to pee depends on how much liquid you drink and age factors..
We're only shaking our ****s, my dear. And that's to not get urine on our boxers.

Any guy who randomly starts with full body shaking after he urinates probably has epilepsy.
Shakes off the last drips and drops. - no tp that way
because me do not wipe with toielet paper they shake the penis befor putting it back in there pants for hygene purposes.
Well they shake to get the drips of pee off their johnson and will always have that urge u talk about but sometimes their concentration is broken by others around
Think of the Penis like a garden hose. When you turn it on to water plants, water comes out and after you are done watering, there is still liquid in the hose. The excess water can leak out of the hose. To prevent this one could shake it to prevent unwanted spillage.
Because they don't supply toilet paper by men's urinals or outdoors.
so there underware dont get wet
Girls wipe so maybe that's their way of wiping. They shake instead.
This is one of those man things when you finish your business it natural take few shakes to get rid of every last drop pee. Shaking the dew of the lily.
LOL i thought you meant shake their penis. I love your nick on here and your stats cracked me up. if it was possible to be a negative level on answers you would surely be a negative LOL
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