Why does it hurt to pee after i masterbate?

it hurts when i pee after..is this normal??
Answers:    Yes it is. Unless you are bleeding though your pee, or the pain lasts longer than three hours or so. When you masturbate you undergo an intense physical sensation all over, and you cant pee when you ejeculate, so that passageway closes off and prevents any urine from escaping. When you calm down the passageway is opened again and your penis may be sore from everything. But for the factual response contact your physician.
your sperm is coming out!
don't be so rough with it ...slow down and enjoy
Waiting too long after ejaculating has caused some pain for me in the past. I try to pee right away. It cleans out the passage way. Otherwise your leftover stuff gets all clogged up and might hurt a bit when you pee and finally clean it out. You can also get a urinary track infection by not peeing after you ejaculate.

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