what is salajeet?

Answers:    Chilas is a small place and our two-hour stay came as a boon to some shopkeepers selling Salajeet. Salajeet is some sort of drug which people say cures arthritis and other orthopedic ailments. A myth about the drug having aphrodisiac properties is also very popular as a Pakistani journalist put it: "It is the desi version of Viagra." Everybody from our group was purchasing Salajeet but at the same time giving very stupid kind of explanations. While some said they were getting the drug for wife's back problems, some suggested their ailing uncles as the reciepients of the 'wonder drug'. It became a kind of joke and we laughed all the way.
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Salajeet ( or shilajit) is a blackish brown organic mass found from steep rocks of the Himalayan belt,of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Kashmir and USSR 1. It is also available in Saudi Arabia known as momia imported from Yemen or India. Very little is known about its chemical nature. It is reported to contain resins, fatty acids, benzoic acid, hipuric acid and albuminods.

It has been used for ages in traditional medicines in the treatment of bronchial asthma, diabetes, genito-urinary infection, wound healing ,nerve disorder.
Several studies have verified antirheumatic , antiulcer and mast cell protecting effect of salajeet. People of those areas use it to combat cold, stress and as tonic.
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