After I go for a wee, why does my penis drip a little even after I wipe it?

Aside from the hilarious comments you are bound to post about this, I need to know why this happens. No matter how much I wipe it to make sure it's dry, as soon as I put my trousers back on it drips a bit!
Answers:    There's a big tube inside the penis that comes from the bladder to the tip -- it's called the urethra.

Typically, to use a urinary catheter on a femal, the catheter is 4-6 inches long. On a male the catheter is usually 12 -16 inches long. This is because on males, the distance from the opening of the urethra to the bladder is pretty large . . . this is the same reason we sometimes drip after urinating.

When we pee -- fluids come out of the bladder and go through the urethra into the toilet. When our bladders are empty (or, sometimes when they are not -- if there are certain diseases present) our body loses the urge to urinate -- so it stops the pressure . . . just because the urge to urniate is gone, does not mean the urethra is empty -- often, it isn't.

When we're done peeing, we shake or wipe a little, then put everything back where it belongs. It gets comfortable, again -- and the change in position causes whatever is inside the urethra to find its way out.

It's normal -- shaking, wiping, and repositioning can help to decrease it.
First of all, are you circumsized or not? If you aren't, you may want to make sure it's all out by giving your penis a shake or two. Also, try giving it a squeeze to see if there is any left that hasn't come out.
You need to squeeze it out better-if your final contractions aren't emptying your urethra, when you put it away some will drain out later-no other place to go.
Probably need to practice kegel exercises to strengthen your contractions. In the meantime, get friendly with yourself and use your fingers to strip out left over urine starting down at the base of your penis, or even at the back of your sac and strip forward to get the extra leftover out. You can do this rather quickly once you get used to it-so it doesn't look like you are playing with yourself at public urinals.
It's pretty normal, it happens for also and I am also not circumcised. Although it is disgusting to have a wet penis. But I think even the circumcised people also experience this but to a lesser extent.
Since you are not circumsized, your forskin tip holds or collects the pee. You need to pull the forskin back to clean it. Otherwise you will just have pee in your underwear.
make sure you're all done before you zip up.
shake it harder but not too much,if you shake it more than twice you're playing with it !
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