Can masturbating kill you?

Im a man
Answers:    No, except possibly if you have a very bad heart and a ridiculously strong orgasm, but I have never seen or heard of it actually happening and many of my patients are recovering from strokes and heart attack.

It does have several very good health benefits as well, such as stress relief, pain reduction, burns calories, flushes out the male reproductive system and thus helps reduce the risk of several forms of cancer such as prostate and testicular cancer, and it can even help make you more able to resist the first few urges to have an orgasm during regular sex so that you can last longer if you want to.

Just don't rub yourself raw or squeeze so tightly that you hurt yourself.

It also has social and ethical benefits by helping reduce the sexual urges that may cause people to make foolish decisions and get into sexual situations or relationships that very well might end up killing you, such as catching a disease from someone you would otherwise not have slept with.

I am a trained sexuality counsellor as well as a practicioner of holistic medicine, it will not kill you and may make you live a much longer and happier life.
yes and cause blindness
Not directly.

In the wrong circumstances you could get a terrrific beating though.
No, and it can help prevent prostate cancer in older men, but its mostly common only if it runs in your family. But besides that it doesn't make anything better or worse except a habit.
I'm still alive!
No, It is manual way/self-help for the actual work.
Depends on where you are doing it, I suppose... I mean... if you're standing on a train track and the ground starts to rumble...
No you'll be fine
no it cant , it does nothin bad. its natural. and if u dont then u probably will have more wet dreamz
No it can't kill you
yeah if u wack off so hard u like pull ur dick off
and bleed 2 death
if u try and give yourself head and u break u neck
idk i doubt it
no, read
I would have been dead a long time ago
If it could, the human race would have ceased to exist thousands of years ago.
3 times a week for 8 years and still health an interesting
What kind of question is that? Masturbation causing blindness is myth. Masturbation is healthy especially if you have never had sex before and want to. It is during masturbation that you can learn erotic dreams that will turn into wet dreams for you at night. There is nothing wrong with rubbing raw, but it may not work for you as well as it may for others. Squeezing on your balls some during masturbation is sometimes helpful if you wish to be be able to see yourself ejaculate.
Sure can, especially if you masturbate while driving a car on the Freeway. Smile.
No, when I was a boy, we were warned that masturbating would result in hair growing in the palm of the offending hand, and would cause you to go blind, or loose your mind.
Masturbating for a young boy is part of being male. Can get out of hand, Smile, if you will.
If that were the case, then the human race would have gone extinct long ago.


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