Men that don't ejaculate during sex??

I am wondering what the most common reason is for men to have problems ejaculating during sex, but can with masterbation. I am a woman, and my boyfriend, is always telling me "i'm so close" and yet, can't ejaculate unless he masterbates after we're done. I'm his first in 2 years or more, and he knows I can't get pregnant again (thank god), and yes he has proof (tubes snipped). He keeps telling me it's not me, it's him, but I still feel like I'm doing something wrong, and i ask him what he wants me to do, and i do it, he seems to enjoy it, but still just can't ejaculate. Is this something he should see a doctor for? I'm confused here, and feeling very self concious right now about this. please answer with ADULT answers, don't be a child about it. This is a serious question and I need serious answers. thanks
Answers:    It sounds like he has gotten too used to masturbating to orgasm. After a while, men and women can become too used to orgasm through masturbation, and it becomes difficult to do it any other way.

The best course of action is to have your man not masturbate for a while - try for a week. Hold off on trying to figure out if there is something wrong with you, as this will make him self-conscious, (I assure you he already is if you've had this talk with him,) and may make it harder to overcome.

For now, just try getting him to lay off the alone time.
if he got snipped or like whatever its going to be vary hard for him to ejaculate because it just scrus up a guy never should have done it i feel sorry for him :(
Other than maybe masturbating too much or just before having sex with you I can't think of a reason why. Usually guys have the opposite problem. I'm sure that it's nothing that you are doing wrong or how you look, I wouldn't be self conscious about it. The only thing that I could suggest is to have him go a while without masturbating and in the meantime do things to get him really worked up, see how that goes. I don't want to suggest anything, but how is your relationship? Has there been any trust issues? Sometimes things like that can effect not only women but men as well. Hope all goes well and good luck!
I can sympathize with your bf It is not you, don't feel inadequate in any way. After 2+ years without, it is possible he has become conditioned to masturbation, it is worth a try to curtail 'bating for a while to see if it helps. If not then its time to seek help. It will be embarrassing to talk with a Dr. but he really needs to.
Best of luck with this.
Do you use a lubricant? I [older male] had never had sex using a lubricant with my first wife. After remarrying, my first wife passed away, I found I could not ejaculate having sex with my new wife. When I entered her, my glans went numb and no matter how long intercourse lasted, I could not come to climax. Finally I found out she was using lubricant prior to coming to bed without me knowing. Stopped and no problem.
Hope this helps.
tell your boyfriend not masturbate or have sex with him for a couple of weeks.and sure he will blown up what is inside...

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