My penis is 8 inches long and 6 inches around is this too big?

Answers:    owwww!!
Na, not really. You must still be in puberty.
It shouldn't be, although i guess it could be for a small girl. Anything bigger will porbably start to get to be too big, but i think your good now.

only in ur dreams!
Ok then.Well my BF is slightly bigger than you and he works wonderful for me!!
Are you looking for an ego boost or what??lol
8 inches long is larger than average but not too long; however, 6 inches WIDE? I find that hard to believe actually. If it is really 6 inches wide, then, yes, that is way too big. The benifit will be that you will never be in a woman who is too loose. Good luck ever having anal sex though.

6 inches. Wow. Average girth size is about 1 inch.
well 8 long is on the larger side of things but you aren't monstrous. As for the 6 in girth 5 is the average so you are larger but it's not a big deal. most girls like girth, but keep in mind it doesn't matter what size you are. If you don't know how to use it then the perfect sized penis won't do you any good.
i think you better get a new tape measure buddy 6inch around come on really check again
THATS ALL ! tiny weeny LOL
i'm sure you are lying becuase I heard that only 1.5% of men actually have an 8 inch long penis. As for 6 inches around that's definetly a lie. Why would you even want one that big, i'm sure sex and even just sitting down will be very uncomfortable.
Are you wrapping the measuring tape around your penis?? Six inches??

You need to re-measure.
I think u accidentally measUred ur leg.loll
You are above the normal size !! Just enjoy what you gots keep it safe and clean and wrapped and i'm sure you will both have a long happy life.
No you are average do not worry about it. Slim is nice x

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