While having sex how to stop cumming too quick?

I recently had sex after a long time a a major problem I had was I cummed really quick and as a result didnt have an eraction for along time. Can anyone help me what I need to do or take to stop cumming too quick
Answers:    just give the woman lots of attention with your hands and mouth and then when you are ready for the real thing, it wont matter so much that it doesnt last long. if it lasts too long its much worse.
Think about your gran, if it doesn't work then be worried.
loads of foreplay man
women like foreplay
better than the sex
just shag her ti**
You need a c.o.c.k ring try this
well when ur inside ur lady lol do a few fast thrusts then do a few slow thrusts then a few fast ones this way sex will last as long as you like and ur lady will really enjoy this infact if you do it properly she shud orgasum then she will really love u lol hope this helps
Watch a movie called "There's Something About Mary".
It's not porn.
Just don't make the same mistake that Ben Stiller did.
Just tie a knot in it.
Medical treatment for premature ejaculation includes several options. Any serious primary medical condition (eg, angina) should be treated; for the purpose of the following discussion, the male is assumed to be healthy and premature ejaculation is assumed to be his only problem. In addition, any accompanying erection problem can be treated with various methods with excellent success (see Erectile Dysfunction) and thus, only passing reference is made to treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) that may accompany the premature ejaculation problem.

* Including the female partner as much as possible in the treatment and counseling sessions is important to achieve the best outcome.

* The first step for treatment of premature ejaculation is to relieve any underlying performance pressure on the male.

o Assuming that premature ejaculation occurs when intercourse is attempted, instruct the couple that intercourse should not be attempted until premature ejaculation is treated. The male may use manual stimulation, oral sex, or other means to satisfy the female partner in the meantime.

o If the male always experiences ejaculation with initial sexual excitement or early foreplay, this is a serious problem and probably indicates primary premature ejaculation (the history should reveal this), which then most likely requires treatment in conjunction with a mental health care professional. These more difficult cases should be screened out.

* The couple should then be instructed on sexual therapy, such as the stop-start or squeeze-pause technique popularized by Masters and Johnson.

o The female partner should slowly begin stimulation of the male and should stop as soon as he senses a feeling of excessive excitement that may lead to ejaculatory inevitability.

o Then, she should administer a firm compression of the penis just behind the glans, pressing mainly under the penis. This should be uncomfortable but not painful.

o Stimulation then should begin again after the male has a feeling that the ejaculation is no longer imminent.

o The process should be repeated and practiced at least 10 or more times.

o Gradually, most males find this technique helps decrease the impending inevitable need to ejaculate.

o After a period of practicing this method, the couple can sit facing each other, with the woman's legs crossing on top of the male's legs. She can stimulate him by manipulating his penis close to, then with friction against, her vulval area. Each time he senses excessive excitement, she can apply the squeeze and stop all stimulation until he calms down enough for the process to be repeated.

o Finally, coitus may be attempted, with the female partner in the superior position so that she may withdraw immediately and again apply a squeeze to remove his urge to climax.

o Most couples find this technique to be highly successful. It can also help the female partner to be more aroused and can shorten her time to climax because it constitutes a form of extended foreplay in many cases.

* Another therapeutic modality is the use of desensitizing cream for the male.

o In Korea and other areas of the Far East, SS Cream (a combination of 9 ingredients, mainly herbal) has been shown to desensitize the penis, decrease the vibratory threshold, and help men with premature ejaculation to significantly delay their ejaculatory response.

o Unfortunately, SS Cream is not yet approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but simple combinations of lidocaine cream or related topical anesthetic agents can be used with similar effects and they are safe as long as the patient has no history of allergy to the substance.

* If the male is relatively young and he can achieve another erection in a few minutes following an episode of premature ejaculation, he may find that his control is much better the second time.

o Some therapists advise young men to masturbate (or have their partner stimulate them rapidly to climax) 1-2 hours before sexual relations are planned.

o The interval for achieving a second climax often includes a much longer period of latency, and the male can usually exert better control in this setting.

o In an older man, such a strategy may be less effective because the older man may have difficulty achieving a second erection after his first rapid sexual release. If this occurs, it can damage his confidence and may result in secondary impotence.
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you need to go slower, when you feel the urge then withdraw and maybe just caress for a while and kiss and pleasure your partner with foreplay, then when ready start again this will slow the process down and give you more control. Dont let it worry you it is perfectly normal and your technique will get better the more you get back into it, remember its been a while too so who would blame you for getting aroused more quickly, good luck and try these techniques, they do work and its good fun too
There are numerous over-the-counter supplements to help with this problem. The main ingredient that you are looking for is yohimbe, which is derived from the bark of an African tree. I've tried it- it works.
probably the best way to combat this is to keep changing positions as this gives you a little breather, also while masterbating try to control your ejaculation, like stopping at the moment you feel like your gonna shoot your load, in time you'll be able to stop manually when having sex.
Suicide or monkhood are your only options. Why don't you combine both like that famous little Buddhist fella that set himself on fire?

And Billbob, I hope you're ashamed of yourself. You're a disgrace to your gender.
either musturbate once before sex or think of someting else while sex (footbal). my bf does that
I cannot believe you asked this question, its common sense, take one off the wrist about an hour before bed. then give your woman a night of passion she will not forget with plenty of foreplay & cunnilingus.
use a good foreplay with your hands and a good oral for her ** that give also long time before going in with a slow motion.
knock one out before sex
Read , Christian Gudnason creator of The Ejaculation Master book, http://www.ejaculationmaster.co.nr... , this guy grantees you that you will now how to have sex for much longer with his guide
Hope this helps
Think of your mother!!
have a * first before sex

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