Does removal of too much skin during circumcision stop your penis from growing full length?

I have stretch marks and the part that grew during puberty is not the sensitive part. I'm 15.
Answers:    No,the skin will stretch to accommodate length,but it can cause painful errections
does size of pennis matter in any sense? No... Its all nonsense...
Yes it can happen but mostly cutting too much foreskin off will draw hairy skin up onto the shaft. You can use foreskin restoration stretching techniques to get round this problem.
See Shane Peterson's story on the link below for a case study of what can happen.
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if you are having problems go to the doctor, most people here dont know shhhhit
In a sense, yes. The penis will grow regardless of how much skin is removed, but if too much skin is removed from circumcision, it might do one of several things.

First of all, the remaining skin along the shaft of the penis will be stretched tight and there'll be no slack. With more removal of skin, some of the skin from the scrotum will be pulled onto the shaft of the penis; sometimes skin with hair will be pulled onto the base of the penis as well. In both these cases erection might be uncomfortable and one might/might not be able to reach a full erection. In this sense the penis can't grow to its full length. In the most extreme case, so much skin is removed that erections become really tight and painful to the point that full erection is impossible or one will lose the erection quickly.

There isn't much one could do to relieve any of these situations, as there isn't enough skin to stretch. The only thing to do is to wait and over time, with more and more uncomfortable/painful erections, the remaining skin will stretch and it'll become less uncomfortable/painful with time. See the link for maybe more insight.
the skin on the penis is different to the skin on the rest of the body highly unlikely what your talking about is stretch marks as the skin on a penis stretches alot, a real lot naturally.
the part that grew during puberty? the whole thing gets larger it doesn't just sprout extra bits. didn't they have sex ed. at your school? seriously your worrying about nothing. ur 15, get out and start playing sport or something.
It's possible. One way to find out is to spend 10-15 minutes a day pulling the remaining skin forward (away from the body) as far as you can without pain or discomfort. After a while of doing this, you should gain some more slack on the shaft, allowing for full erections. You can always try foreskin restoration, but it could be a bit tough at your age. I'd try to manual stretching I described for now.

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