Why does massaging the prostate feel so good?

Answers:    because it's an organ that's part of the sexual process and well sex feels good.
you watch to many movies
I wonder,why your letting out your private business on line?
the prostate is half mussel and half gland. is fun now wait till ya about 45- 50
the prostate is a gland that spray sperm with an acid like substance to "excite" the sperm and let them know to go toward the vagina. so if the gland is touch it results in what i just said about, and tadahhh an ORGASM!

oh and that is y when u have a prostate exam u ejaculate, if u dont you most likely have an enlarged prostate or cancer
It's okay...just go with it. No, it doesn't mean your gay! It's hot!
I don't know, you tell me.
i wouldnt know, but do it alot if u like it so much!!
The prostate is what's known as the male "G" spot. It's the orgasm center in the male. If you notice when you orgasm, the prostate will spasm.

Paramedic in SC
for me it depends who is handling it...ya know :P
There are millions of pleasure nerves in it, so it feels good when it's rubbed. It's part of the many ways you can have sexual pleasure.
It's actually hard to believe that so few people know about this male G-spot. It feels so good when massaged gently and properly that the ejaculation is almost doubled in volume.

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