I saw my girlfriend masturbating while reading book..?

hey i came over to my gf's house and knocked but no answer soi slightly opened and I saw her masturbating with her hands while reading through book but i pretended i didnt see anything...im too shy to ask her so how can one masturbate on a novel?lol wtf
Answers:    Find the same book she was reading and find little parts of the book that you think made her masturbate. Try in some way to replay that piece in real life to make her novel reality.
could be a romance novel... (which are quite boring anyway, so maybe not)
it could have been a erotic novel
Women are more likely aroused by reading a novel than watching porn. They are more of a mental thinker, and guys are more visual.

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You're kidding me, right? I mean, you're asking HOW a person could masturbate while reading erotica.

Write it down; erotica. A story written to arouse people. They've been around for thousands of years.

Are you aware that for a DECADE there has been a very successful series of erotic anthologies called "Herotica" (1,2,3...etc.) and the authors of all the stories are WOMEN??


There are other erotic anthologies as well, and the stories are arousing to men and women alike.

Don't imagine that your girlfriend is unusual or unique. Many women AND men read and masturbate to erotic stories.
It might be one of those romantic novels..
Hey she could just be passing time.
How do girls masturbate.
they don't feel the pleasure when sperm comes out.
It was probalbly erotica, sex stories for me theyre better then pics! (:
Have you ever read any of that stuff? It can get pretty... frisky. Hell, I've gotten erections reading that stuff before.
If it was a steamy book, thats all she needed to get her going, I know when I read steamy erotica books, my hands start to wonder. It's better than porn, we don't need pictures to get us going, books with detail will do for us. Its more sensual to read about a beefy hunk placing his tounge here, or a hand there, or holding her from behind in the shower, caressing her neck and so on, Now I have to go, because I got into it to much! If I were you I would pick up some novels and read them, you could take some pointers from those characters!
They are more mentally aroused than men. Just be happy man don't question it!
Well, maybe it was an erotic novel.. also, guys and girls are so different. Guys get stimulated a ton by images. Girls however really don't it's more words and thoughts. But hey, everyone mastrbates and for you most guys think it would be completely hott to walk in on their girlfriend doing it!

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