My foreskin wont go all the way back?

when I am not hard, I can pull my foreskin back,
but when im hard. I can't!

I tried as hard I could, but it wont go back. only when im not hard
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To the asker... when you get erect, the penis gets bigger and wider, as it gets wider too, so the foreskin has to accomodate all that extra girth.

So if you've just began trying, keep on doing it and it will eventually stretch out and you'll be able to. It did with me; it's common when you've just began doing it.

In addition, it's only important to be able to slide it when soft, since that's when you slide it back and wash the head (which takes like five seconds in the shower).

You'll be fine. =)

And to below, you don't have to 'tear it'. Having sex, as with masturbating by sliding the foreskin up and down, just stretches it out and eventually allows it to slide up and down, which allows it to stimulate the head even more, since it's moist and rubs the head when going up and down.

This is usually caused by lack of cleaning it when you were younger, which is understandable especially if your dad was cut (assuming since the circ rates have gone down a lot) and he didn't know to tell you that. I mean, how hard can it be to get a boy to rub his head of his penis. =P
Get it removed by a surgeon, you will enjoy more.
yea... same thing happends to me. its cuz were not curcumsized. you can fix this by tearing it while having sex or by surgery. tearing it while having sex doesnt hurt as much as you would think
It doesn't have to come all the way back to function properly does it?

I have just one thought about it ... try to pull your foreskin back first and then work up an erection.. then try and stretch it back over your glans while erect. If skin will stretch ... I think you just have to keep at it... (I have heard guys talk about foreskin recreation after circumcision by stretching, so it is apparently possible) .. and there are apparently medicinal creams that can be applied that are made to assist in these circumstances. but I suppose a good quality moisturiser might help.. but it can't hurt right?

Any other method sure beats an adult circumcision. That sh**ty alternative is really gonna be painful for ages, and after having a foreskin all your life and into puberty, I think you might miss it.
Hey bud I have that same problem right now. Actually at first I couldn't even get it to go down when it WASNT erect. But soon enough after stretching I did. But, like you, I still have trouble pulling it while erect. People say you just keep stretching and I think stretching in hot showers help too. Good luck and please tell me if you know of any other solutions besides...ehh 'tearing'.
This is ok for some and not so okay for others. As long as you retract the foreskin, wash, dry and replace it then things should go okay. Some people develop phymosis which is painful and usually leads to infection or tearing. Only you can judge whether this is a functional thing or not. You can try slowly working with the foreskin to retract with lots of lubrication. After a week or two, it is possible that it can be stretched enough to retract during the hard phase/ Have a nice day.
that used to happend to me but i just kept pulling it and pulling it and now i can
You have a mild case of phimosis and stretching is the way to go. "Ripping during sex" as one answer recommends is the ripping of the frenulum, not to be recommended and it is probably not the problem in your case. Tight frenulums can be fixed by stretching or by frenuloplasty without the loss of any tissue and with a much shorter recovery time than circumcision. Pulling the foreskin back when flacid and then getting an erection can be dangerous , as it can get stuck and trap the blood that causes the erection, a condition called paraphimosis.
See the link below for instructions on stretching and how to deal with phimosis as well as other stuff you may find useful.
You probably have a mild case of phimosis, a condition where the foreskin is too tight/narrow for it to be retracted all the way. There are several things you can do.

First you should try "stretching exercises." In one stretching exercise you take two fingers and stretch the opening of the foreskin as far as it'll comfortably go (like increasing its radius) by hooking a finger on either side of the foreskin opening. It's a little hard to describe and may take a few tries to get right. It's best done right after a shower. Do this exercise for a few minutes each day by stretching the opening apart, sustain for a few seconds, relax, repeat, for a few weeks to a month.

If after a month and that doesn't work (and it should in your case) you can ask for prescription creams. Prescription creams are supposed to be one of the most cost-effective treatments (see link 3).

If this also doesn't work in a month or so (which would be really weird) then there are surgical options. This doesn't necessarily mean a circumcision, as there are more conservative procedures that have a quicker recovery time and remove little to no foreskin (see link 4). See the first 2 links for more general info, and good luck.
That used to happen to me. I just stretched it out a little bit and slowly by attempting to stretch it over the head everyday during shower. I managed it pull my foreskin back in like two months and now I'm fine.
This is a common problem and not hard to treat without penis reduction surgery (circumcision).

You can get some good information at -- you'll have to skip over some stuff about babies' foreskins to get to the relevant portion. Sometimes all you need to do is change the way you masturbate:

Good luck, and stay WHOLE!

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