Can masterbating a lot make me penis not grow?

can masterbating a lot make my penis not grow, wat can make my penis not grow
Answers:    NO
no, and nothing can make your penis not grow. it will grow to what its meant to be no matter what
Masturbation and penis growth are unrelated. There is nothing bad about masturbation--- in fact, it can be stress relief. The only way to stop your penis from growing is chopping it off or taking steroids.
No, penis length will be determined mostly by genetics and maybe a little by nutrition. Like 95% genetics and 5% nutrition. Don't worry about spanking the monkey!
No, it will make it grow thinner instead.
i'm not sure what can make your penis not grow but masterbation is healthy and common.
what is wrong with us guys! who gives a * about how big ur fricken dick is omg god get over it its a dick!! and what if spanking the monkey did shrink it would u prefer to walk around with a hard all day gees!! girls dont care about size and the the only ones that do are just shallow!
Go to a garden centre and get a 10lb bag of compost. Now cut a hole in the bottom... not too big! In your case about half an inch should be plenty. Ok, now go and sit in your greenhouse with the compost bag sitting on your lap and your wobbly bits rammed in the hole. You must sit there for FOUR days without eating. This should do the trick. Tell me how it goes.

Heh, heh, heh...
You cannot erode or erase it
The length and girth (size) of your penis is determined by genes. Masturbating will not affect either the length or girth.
The only thing that might make your penis not grow would be a big knife. Otherwise consider this. I average about ten - twelve times a week. Not twice every day but frequently twice a day. I have two kids and did not try for more. There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation! It is a perfectly normal healthy thing done by 98% of men (the other two percent are liars.)
You can be assured that:
- your penis will not get shorter;
- you will not grow hair on your palms;
- you will not go bald;
- you will not go to hell (at least because of masturbating);
- you will not lose your mind;
- you will not become sterile;
- your penis will not fall off;
- your chance of being struck by lightning is not increase.
But you will be:
- your penis will likely become stronger;
- more relaxed;
- smiling most of the time;
- a perfectly normal man.
So keep IT up and continue to enjoy.

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