Can jacking off too much be bad for you?

Can jacking off too much be bad for you? I'm asking this question seriously.
Answers:    If you were serious about the question, you would have searched for the answer before posting the the question that has been asked10th time in 24 hours.
too much of anything is bad for u.
No there aren't any health risks. Just don't let it become an addiction.
Yes !
If you jack the car too far it may slip and fall.
Seriously, no, not at all, except that it might make it more difficult later on for someone else to "please" you, so it's better for that reason if someone else does it for you. Of course that can lead to other things, depending on who the someone else is. Otherwise, no harm, no foul. Enjoy.
You will go blind!
There are no health risks involved in masturbation. In fact, doctors recommend it, as it can be a good way to relieve stress, and help your body. If you don't masturbate, you will get much more wet dreams during the night, and embarassing erections throught the day. I remember seeing a study that said masturbation can actually prevent some kind of cancer, but I forgot what it was. The only risk involving masturbation is the risk of getting addicted to it, much like how you can become addicted to a drug. Only a small percentage of men ever get this addiction, however. Just don't masturbate too much, focus on your life, and you'll be alright. Good luck.

PS: By "don't masturbate too much", I mean don't masturbate over 8 times a day, anything under that is considered perfectly normal.
Depends, if you masturbate all fast n hard lol, i heard you can rupture a vein which will then lead to bruising on the penis.
Too much of anything can be bad for you.
Life is about balance. You have to look at the risk vs. benefit ratio to decide when an action moves from hobby to preoccupation to addiction. Intervene before you damage your brain . . . chilll a little.
Moderation in all things.
no, its 100% natural
i don't think so. nothings happened to me yet!
nope... but energy wise... yes.. but we love doing it so why stop?
Only if you let it interfere with your daily activities. If you start staying home to j/o rather than taking part in other activities then it has becomes an addiction. Then it is a problem. But a couple times a day is not a problem for young guys. It causes no health problems, actually it is good for you, nor does it cause hairy palms, going blind etc. Just enjoy it guilt free.

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