Is it true that releasing your semen/sperm everday is bad for your health?

Answers:    no ...
No, there would be alot of sick men/boys if that were the case
Hell no...that sounds like something the church would say.
no, the male body deposes of old/excess sperm everyday through urine
Actually, it's recently been found that if men do not ejaculate for a long period of time, they are more susceptible to prostate cancer. So; let it flow !
yes! it makes your knees weak and your right arm developes more than your left..apart from that the toilet paper industry is very healthy
Of course not. Where did you hear that? Just the opposite. It's healthier to let the little guys out into the world as often as you need to or want to.
No, the only downside to that would be is if you were trying to build muscle mass as quickly as HUMANLY possible. Sperm is mostly protein, and if you were doing this everyday, you'd be robbing yourself of that whole teaspoon / tablespoon of protein every day.

This is a miniscule amount and nothing to be concerned about, even if you HAVE to beef up like tomorrow! Simply put, it's not a problem, and it's definately not bad for your health.

Just do yourself a favor and check your schlong for wounds, in case you're injuring yourself by doing it too much. This is much more likely to be 'bad for your health.'
The entire adult male population of the world probably does exactly that. As men live to their eighties, I think you can safely assume that masturbating is not harmful to your health.
I like how you said releasing.. ahahaha.
But the answer is of course not.
Who told you that?
no it actually increases your prowess in bed. and helps increase genital size.
Sawasdee Kap! No, it isn't true at all. In fact, daily masturbation is a safe, healthy and relaxing way to release sexual tension and stress. It also promotes the production of healthy sperm, and can prevent prostate problems in later life. It's also good fun!

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