At what age"if any does the human body start to shrink"?

At 28 years old my husband was 5ft 11ins, he is now 5ft91/2. Can anyone explain?
Answers:    Humans don't shrink! He's either got a posture problem, or maybe his bones are curving due to RICKETS. Rickets is a Vitamin D deficiency. So, maybe you need to just put him out in the sun. And see a doctor.
about 98 that is when my grandma started to shrink.
He might be standing in a hole?
It will usually be around 60, when you intervetrebal disks start to wear down and a person can lose around 2 inches of their height.
You shrink every day, if you measure your height in the morning and compare to your height just before you go to sleep, assuming you didnt spend the day lying down there will be a signifigant difference.
Everything returns to normal while you sleep though

"Intervertebral Disc
Between each vertebral body lies an intervertebral disc which consists of an outer annulus fibrosus of fibrocartilage, and an internal nucleus pulposus. The annulus is shock absorbent and strong but allows some deformation so that the vertebral bodies can squeeze and move in relationship to each other.
This inevitably puts pressure on the annulus fibrosus and the nucleus within it. The nucleus draws in water so that it is constantly under tension. During a day’s activity the body weight forces a little water out of each nucleus and the discs get slightly narrower. Thus, the human body is slightly shorter at the end of the day than it is in the morning."
Ummm as in me? I would say 48. I use to be 5'4 now an inch or so shorter and im almost 55. Probably gettin shorter. But at 28 this is weird.
around your late 70s to 80s
This can happen if he has scoliosis. Usually it happens later in life as the disk in the spinal column wear down.

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Your bones reach their maximum mass between ages 25 and 35. As you age, your bones shrink in size and density. One consequence is that you might become shorter.
fug me perhaps i need help my name is tom thumb 1 inch i am
osteoporosis can give you what you describe so get to the doctor and have a check up (the bones crumble)

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