Is it legal for a female Dr. to "inspect" a male patient without someone else in the room?

I know it is illegal for my male Dr. to examine me without his nurse in the room. Is it the same law for female Dr.'s not to be able to examine men without a nurse in the room?
Answers:    Yes, it's perfectly legal.

Insurance companies who provide malpractice insurance to physicians often require the physicians to have an assistant in the room with them that can act as a witness in case the patient decides to file a fraudulent lawsuit against the doctor which claims that the doctor molested them.

So, while it is legal, it is no longer standard practice in the health-care industry.

The threat of lawsuits has radically increased the cost of medical care in recent years. For instance, no longer will a doctor order just the tests he or she thinks are necessary to diagnose a patient's condition; instead, the doctor will order every test that's even remotely applicable to the situation, as a bulwark against the threat of malpractice lawsuits. What would have been a $300 procedure 15 years ago is now a $3000 procedure. Health care costs have increased by a factor of 10 in 15 years.
good question i think it is legal
My female doctor has "inspected" me for a number of years without a nurse in the room.

And it isn't illegal in either case in Georgia.
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What country are you in? In U.S. it is not illegal for doctors to do exams without nurses present. Sometimes doctors do it that way to have a witness present, but that is just their choice (or the patient voiced a preference for that).
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Most definitely. A guy in my class was actually talking about a physical and what-not. (if only he wasnt so loud when he said it...I really didnt want to know...) Any doctor is trained and certified to practice whatever his/her certification entails, and this means both male and female.
It is not "illegal" , it is simply good policy and the policy of
most hospitals to have a witness in the room...
There is nothing illegal about the male doctor and the female patient, nor is it illegal for the female doctor and the male patient. Doctors normally have a witness in the room to protect themselves from false claims by the patient.
She did it to me without anyone else in the room...I think a "witness" is only needed for children
usually it's OK. I'm not aware it's a law, it's usually just done so no one can sue! These days, would a female think about suing a female for abuse? Male, male? SO, I think it's more an protection thing than law
It is NOT illegal for a male doc to examine a female without a chaperone...but it isn't smart. The patient could accuse you of assault and you would have no witness.

It is NOT illegal for a female to examine a male without a chaperone either, actually I do it all the time. I guess I never worry about a male accusing me of "assaulting" him, but maybe I should, LOL.

Actually, I DO have a chaperone when I examine a woman, just never know what someone might accuse you of. Well, what is this world coming to?
I dont know if its illegal or simply a breach of medical ethics. The nurse present was as a witness if a female patient accused a Doctor (male) of improper conduct.

A female Doctor with a male patient takes the same risk, but it may be less likely that a man would complain.
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it is better if the doctor have companion nurse while visiting patients.
It's not illegal for either sex. Doctors sometimes bring someone else in the room so they don't get accused of inappropriate touching and open themselves up to a frivolous lawsuit. My dermatologist brings in the receptionist into the room when he examines or treats females. The receptionist is quite an elderly lady and it puts his female patients at ease.
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This is a good question, however I think it's legal because what difference does it make? Consider this--->A homosexual male urologist could be inspecting a male patient
im not sure if its law for a female doctor to have to have a male nurse in the room but my doctor tells me i can always have a nurse in the room even if its not an exam that requires me to undress. in fact its posted in every exam room at the military hospital.
I don't know why people seem to think that doctors are paragons of virtue and are these people,sent from heaven as a gift from god.It just isn't that way.They are subject to exactly the same feelings as you or I.I once had a doctor of respiratory diseases,in the Ruttonjee Hospital in HongKong,deliberately lie in my medical records in order to win favour with another government department and then deleted it from the computer once I found the records and read them and made a complaint.Chow Bing Fai you are not forgotten or forgiven.I would now make a point of never being alone with a doctor of either sex.

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