Is it important to shave private parts for men and women?

religious perspective?
health perspective?
social perspective?
Answers:    What do you think? That is your choice, no one Else's.
I shave mine because I think it is cleaner, sexier and that is what I want for me
nope, none of the above
It's not IMPORTANT. Some folks just like their pubic areas smooth. I got mine shaved in '77 when I had a vasectomy. My wife loved the feel and I've kept it smooth since then. I only shave around the base of my penis and testicles. My wife and I make a game of it, keeping each other shaved.
It's important if you are a Muslim, but for the rest of us it's really a matter of personal preference.
I like being an adult. Adults have pubic hair. My wife agrees.

Keeping the hair is healthy. Hair prevents chafing and keeps your sensitive spots warm in winter and cool in summer. It helps sweat evaporate quickly, and that prevents fungus and bacteria from growing there and also prevents unpleasant odors from forming and annoying other people. (You don't smell your own stink, but if you shave everyone around you will smell the stuff that grows on your denuded skin.)

The fad for shaving is porn driven. Porn actors shave. Most real people keep their hair. I have no aspirations to be a porn actor.
I like it. I didn't get inspired from porn or promiscuity. I was inspired by how the hair itched when it got too long, itched if it hung outside of my panties & embarrased if it showed through or around my swimming suit.

It also enables felatio more easily & enjoyable for the "giver." I'm curious... if you received THAT more, would you shave?
It is important if you like to see and are turned on by seeing the genital area. Being smooth is the best, there is no use for pubic hair. It makes oral sex much more enjoyable for both parties. It makes sex much better as well, you just feel cleaner.

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