I try to pull my foreskin back it only goes back half way. its weird as?

Please help me!
Answers:    If you are over 16 and the skin does NOTslide back when you get an erection, you MAY have a condition called "phimosis," which does NOT require circumcision! You just need to stretch the tip of the foreskin gently over a period of a few weeks. You may need to get some hormone cream from a doctor to loosen the skin or a few relaxing incisions. You do NOT need circumcision! If any doctor says you do, ask for a second opinion. It's a quick and easy solution for the doctor, but then you are stuck for the rest of your life with no foreskin. Believe me, you don't want that.

Try stretching the skin very gently with your fingers. It's usually easy to do in a warm bath, or else use some baby oil or lotion. Just hook your fingers on two sides of the skin and pull until it just starts to hurt - no more - hold a few seconds, relax, and then repeat. If you do this as often as you can for a couple of weeks, the skin will probably start to loosen. If not, do ask the doctor for some cream to help. Good luck - and don't let anybody chop off your skin!

Sometimes you need to change the way you masturbate. See http://www.cirp.org/library/treatment/ph...
Why don't you just leave your pecker alone and get a new hobby?
Is it only recently that you have tried doing this? If so, give it time, don't just pull it back you'll damage yourself, do it gradually.
make an appointment with your doctor or with an urologist. If you have been circumcismed, you may have adhesions: where the skin kinda grows back to your penis. It's easy for your doctor to fix, but you gotta see the doctor!
Sorry to hear that, perhaps you may want to get circumciced?

Good luck & God Bless You!
talk to your doctor about getting it taken off ...
Hi a friend of mine has just gone to get circumsised as he had this problem, this also caused it to split once while intercourse. if i were you i would go to your doctors and have them take a look as apparentley it is very common and most men dont do anything about it and need the op later in life. hope this helps
you need to stretch your foreskin and use topical steroids.here are the links for more information.nothing bad will happen but you should start stretching with your fingers gently at first you need to make the tip of the foreskin wider.
You didn't keep it clean, now it's infected, odds are you will
need to be circumsised to clear the infection
No, nothing bad will happen. Try pulling it back until it's uncomfortable, hold it there for 20 seconds, then relax and repeat. Do this exercise 10 times. Repeat the process three times a day. After a while, the foreskin will stretch out and you will be able to pull it all the way back.

You can also do this exercise using your little fingers to pull the sides of the foreskin outward.

Ignore the women that respond! What the heck do they know about foreskins? It isn't unclean, you didn't get an infection, and you DON'T need a circumcision!! When will these idiots get a clue?
This is common if you're just starting to slide it back. I had this when I was a lot younger. Lack of sliding it back when younger.

What you want to do is when you shower, pull it back as much as you can so it'll stretch over time. Also wash the part that you can, and in a few weeks it should be all fine. =)

This is not an infection; contrary to what a user said above. An infection would have bacteria growth...

Before you even consider circumcision as some others immediately blurt out, remember that new studies have found that in decreases sensitivity and sex pleasure, and increases masturbation difficulty.

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