Testicles skin moving?

after sex, my fiance's skin on his testicles move. It would shrivle and unshrivle. its like its breathing or something. why do they do that?
Answers:    the scrotum responds to various stimuli depending on the situation.

For instance if a man is in a hostile situation they will contract greatly to make them les exposed to harm.

During sex, the testicles will contract towards orgasm. In fact one way to delay orgasm is to manually move them down and keep them from contracting. After sex they will then start to descend and the srotum will loosen

They also respond to temparature so what you are seeing could be that.

The sperm need to be stored at a temparature cooler than the body. When it is hot, the body moves them away to cool them down. When it is cold, they are drawn up closer to be nearer the heat source
Lots of blood leaving the area. The testicles have just been signaled to start replacing the sperm he just released. Lots of activity down there. Nothing unusual though.
fiance huh?...lol

Anyway dont worry Its quite normal. Happens to everybody.
The blood is leaving and it makes his balls have spasms. If you want to see another weird thing they will do the next time you go down on him tickle the inside of his thighs and watch them.They shrink up closer to his body like they are running away.

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