What are some over the counter viagra like drugs sold at walmart or a health store?

My wife is good friends with our doctor and i dont want to talk to her about it
Answers:    Watch out for Yohimbe, it has many side effects. These include changes in heart rhythm, difficulty breathing, dangerous drops in blood pressure and temporary muscle paralysis in the legs and feet. Thats why this herbal ingredient is removed from many supplements.

over the counter (or OTC) Viagra alternatives are better for people who want to keep their privacy safe. Below is a link you might want to look at.

If you are looking for something to boost your sex drive try looking up yohimbe or damiana. Make sure they are pure 100%. Both of those are really good aphrodisiacs. Also, if you are wanting the ADDED sex drive, try taking both of those together. THey are herbal and are 2 herbal remedies that CAN be taken together. Hope I could help.
I don't know of any that really work over the counter like Viagra,
but I may be wrong. What's wrong with talking to your wife? It's ok to swallow some pride.
And doctors who are professionals are bound
by law not to discuss patient's problems.
He can lose his license if he does. My doctor is very cool about it. He knows discretion. Yours
probably does too - or get another doctor.
Hi there. The over the counter pills are considered supplements and are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The fine print usually has a disclaimer. Many are being sued. It is very important to find the cause of impotence so that it can be treated. Viagra isn't for everyone and isn't safe for everyone. Some men just have lower testosterone levels which is easily remedied with weekly injections. Diabetes can also cause impotence, high blood pressure medications, alopecia (baldness) medications can also cause impotence. Prostate problems and even emotional disturbances can cause impotence. The list goes on and on. Your doctor is legally and ethically bound by the Doctor/patient confidentiality. He cannot share information with your wife or he could easily be sued.He knows this. If you choose to see him, remind him that you don't want your medical condition to be shared or just go to someone else. don't waste your money on ineffective products. Try not to self-diagnose which I know is tempting. Your health is very important. have a great day every day
There are none - don't waste your money. I sorta understand about your being embarassed around your Dr. but there is a way to be cool about your problem and get help too - trust me there are a LOT of men out there with your problem - you are not alone and if I had your problem, I'd rather be a bit embarassed than impotent. I can guarentee that your Dr. treats several patients for the same problem...maybe even some guys you know. Your erectile dysfunction may be due to a serious organic problem such as high blood pressure or undiagnosed diabetes both of which need treatment now. I would make an appointment to have those checked and also a consultation. Tell your Dr. that due to your present ED, you wanted to be checked for an underlying reason. Doctors are bound by rules of confidentiality not to discuss your condition with anyone else - your wife included should you want it that way (though I don't know why).
If you can't see yourself clear to talk to your family Dr. seek out a doctor of Internal Medicine or a Urologist. Good Luck
Don't listen to comments that there isn't any. These things work and not just better than Viagra...they will maintain you healthier; for example Nattokinase is known because in Natto there is the lower rate of heart attacks and aneurysms. Read and educate yourself, do your body a favor and don't listen to ignorants including your doctor for prescribing something that will force your body to do something it wasn't meant to. Give your body what it needs to do it for itself and boost your confidence that way also. Natural Vitamin E will do more than help your problem but also help and stop your blood pressure problems, you won't be sorry. There is also a comment on the top about things over the counter are considered supplements and not approved by the FDA. What they forget to mention is the reason why? Because they can't control them or sell them at a monopoly price. Nothing natural will ever be a proven fact against any illness even if it works. There is no healthcare, there is Desease managing, and it's managed very well, your doctor is a salesman for big pharma. That is what you should hear. Back to the topic. If you have a problem because of bad circulation then fix it, or if it's due to too many heavy metal deposits in your arteries then remove them. Viagra won't eliminate the issues and will force your to do something your body isn't ready to do in it's own. Take NATURAL VITAMIN E, only the natural one, its more expensive but a lot less expensive than Viagra, I guarantee you that, and your doctor won't get gold golf clubs if he prescribes 10 bottles of natural vitamin E but he will if he perscribes so many Viagra to his patients. There is no interest in your well being. Help yourself and we are fools if we don't.

Buy products that Chelate toxic metals out of your blood stream for better circulation. Just search on Chelation on yahoo.

Nattokinase - Derived from Japanese cheese. It's an enzyme that clears your veins and arteries for better circulation.

Natural Vitamina E - http://www.acgraceco.com/mainhome.html...

Omega- 3s;
Maca Peruvian;
horny goat weed;
muira puama;
tribulus terrestris;
ginkgo biloba;
Candida Cleanse;
Heavy Metal Cleanse.
You should go for herbal something like this: http://gmeds.org/product_kamagra_oral_je... or this http://gmeds.org/product_enhance9.htm...

People are happy with it. Wife will not know what you're taking but happy all the time ya
hey yahooo! they sell that stuff because stupid people think it will work! just like fishing lures!!more suckers are caught at the cash register than fish are in a boat! the govt wont let them sell anything that would work? the pharmacys wont let go of their control of the drug industry!

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