Is it good for teens to masterbate?

Answers:    Yes. It relieve sexual tension, stress and a healthy activity for men and women. Getting to know your body is important. Knowing how it works and what feels good when you masturbate teaches you.
Be warned that if you aren't gentle with yourself you can permanently injure yourself. Relax and don't be in a fenzy to get off. Switch hands and don't dwell on one side too much or it might not grow right, leaving your with a leaning penis.
If you are a male, strengthing you PC muscle will allow you to last longer for your partner and make your orgasms last longer as well. It would also allow you to discover muliple orgasms if you train yourself. This goes the same for women in terms of the orgasm. The orgasm also helps cramping during PMS as the contractions lessen the cramping.
Another note, masturbation also helps prevent prostate cancer which begins in your twenties and thrities, not at 50 as they say. 50 is when it is most likely treated, at the expense of your sex drive. Mastubation actually helps prevent the prostate from expanding, from the fluid build up.
Mastubation doesn't have any health risk of any kind. Too much mastubation, such as 3 times every day, may be too much for some. But, if you are a teen then it's fine. And remember, mastubation is a healthy activity. Feeling guilty about something you do with your body isn't good for you.
There's nothing wrong or bad about teens let alone anyone who masturbates so have fun.
The only benefits you would get out of it is self pleasure and lower your energy output other then that what good is it . Get a play mate but use protection
Don't do it in a parking lot, or with each other.
no, because it weaks your concentration, make you little depressed and lately become hard depression, get angry easily, you feel your body as if you are 60 years old, and on the long term it causes quick ejaculation. Also, it weaks your sexual drive. It harms a lot.
Masturbation is good for you and your reproductive system. It releases sexual tension, gives you control of your sexuality, helps the reproductive system to grow and develope and prevents prostate cancer when you are old. It feels great, it is the safest sex you can have, and it is always available as long as you can find a private place. Also, it is not a sin, and there are no bad side affects. So enjoy
i love jerking off lol
no its not good to masturbate for teens!... think its BEST to masturbate its the most excitement and fun u can get for urself .whenever u feel like;)
safe and normal.
sure. it also prevents prostate cancer and decreases chances of heart disease.
Yes, its very healthy and relaxing.

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Good Luck, No Rules
well masturbation is natural and its good to masturbate once in a while
Sure it is good - very good! Don't stop! Keep IT up!
I average about ten - twelve times a week. Not twice every day but frequently twice a day. I don't got no zits! There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation! It is a perfectly normal healthy thing done by 98% of men (the other two percent are liars.)
You can be assured that:
- your penis will not get shorter;
- you will not grow hair on your palms;
- you will not go bald;
- you will not go to hell (at least because of masturbating);
- you will not lose your mind;
- you will not become sterile;
- your penis will not fall off;
- your testicles will not decrease in size;
- your chance of being struck by lightning is not increase.
But you will be:
- your penis will likely become stronger;
- more relaxed;
- smiling most of the time;
- a perfectly normal man;
- and you will still produce enough eggs in your sperm.
So keep IT up and continue to enjoy.

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