How often do you take a bath or shower?

Is twice a week enough? I'm trying to conserve water and save on my water bill.
Answers:    Every Xmas!That should save enough water.Just make sure you stay away from people..
oh that's a smart thought!
bath everyday otherwise people will avoid you as you may smell bad. but use water carefully and do not use more than you require have a limitation on it.
I take a shower every day , if not 2 times a day. You need a shower more often than twice a week. Try 4 times every other day. If absolutely necessary.
I take one every Sunday, whether I need to or not.
I bathe at least twice a day.You should bathe at least once a day,probably when you're dirtiest(like after work).
Well, of course, you don't want people to start looking at you with turned up noses and if you notice that people are trying to get away from you. Well, then you know it's time for a shower. But seriously, what I do is get under the shower, get myself wet, then turn off the water and proceed to soap myself down. Lastly turn the water back on and rinse. The whole thing shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes. You can also take a sponge bath when you feel a full bath is not necessary. Instead of getting under the shower, use the bathroom sink and just wash the essentials, your face, your underarms, your privates (I don't have to spell those out for you, I'm sure) and your feet. Please don't forget your feet -- they can get to smelling pretty nasty if you don't keep them clean. Oh yes, one more thing. You can always use a water saving device on your shower head. I did all the things I am advising to you and my water bill dropped significantly. Oh, I forgot, when you brush your teeth, don't let the water run continuously and you don't have to flush the toilet every time you use it -- I'm talking about when you urinate not when you make a bowel movement, of course. I'm sure you can think of other ways to conserve water without neglecting your own personal hygiene.
I shower everyday, sometimes twice in a day cos it's d@mn hot here in the philippines. if it's cool where you at and you don't perspire so much, i guess you could wash yourself less.
I would recommend you to take a bath or shower whenever you feel fitly and dirty. But normally once a day is good enough for people's hygienic, it is depending on where do you live.cold country..tropical country .and the type of your work etc. But I am doing twice a day (loll). You can save on your water bill by reducing the unnecessary expenses for example beer, cigarettes and spending it on your water bill. Don't you feel like to be fresh and clean like the water from an Alpines Mountain?
This is a question that a child would ask their parents who are trying to learn personal hygiene. So why dont you figure this out for yourself? But I will go ahead and answer the question for you. You should take a shower everyday. And if needed take 2 showers a day. If you are going to not take a shower but only twice a week. Then I suggest you to stay away from people cause they are going to think that you are nasty and dont care about personal hygiene. So please do us all a favor and take a shower everyday!
Hell No. I take a shower at least three times a day. I'd rather my *** smell good, than people talk about me and how fonky I am.
Myself, I take a shower every day, sometimes even two times in one day, especially during the summertime when it gets too hot & humid to move, and yoend up sweating like a filthy pig even if you just sit in from a fan.

I try to conserve water too, but I draw the line at personnal hygene. I would rather run out of dishes (as in not do the dishes) or have to go out and buy bottled water than need to cut down on keeping myself clean and worry-free.

Personnal hygene is a subject that doesn't seem to be taken seriously enough until someone walks in with an unbearable body odor. But this (and more important issues) can be avoided if people only took better care of their "cleanliness"

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