How do porn stars ejaculate so much? I want to be like that, what can i take to do so?

Also do girl like more load when you ejaculate?
Answers:    Most of it is fake.Sorry.
if you were looking down at some of those chicks, it makes it a bit easier than the hoes we been hittin'.
It's called egg whites.
All of the ejaculate is not real. Special effects.
Use your imagination!!
they seem to ejaculate more because they take special pills to make their penis grow larger, and there for increasing the amount of testoterone in males. If girls like that depends on the girls who likes to swallow.. ( LOL) :-D
Jeez dude, most of the stuff is fake.
For the same reason that Spiderman can swing from building to building in his movies. It is entertainment and all of the action will be faked to provide what the audience is expecting to see. Don't confuse it with real life.
you can take a product that is called Seamenex (i know i spelled it wrong but its something like that).option 2 is drink lots of fluid and eat lots of fruits and veggies.
They stop the camera, take a break maybe a day or two, so he can reload, and shoot his load again.

they shoot multiple scenes, he'll get tired if he had to go at it for the duration of the movie.
It may take a week or two maybe three to shoot the whole movie
hy gay partners daviie and steevie, gay porno stars hons male modeels and, nude waiters gay mens bars, well for one thing, you have too be in top pyysicall shape like we are at 21, and extremely built etc, and the secret too your question, is not too have sex for a few days during tapings of these films we know hons, and after a few days of pent up sexaull agresion , everything flyes with us, and in some films its not what your seeing, in the real thing with the guy shooting off its sometimes makeup, etc, that thery add inn too enhance the films, etc, but 9 times out of ten hey thats the real thing okayy, and it epends on who you are with in a gay porno film, if your partner or multiple partners dont do anything for you or if your just not inn to the gay thing then they will fire you from fil, around here we want the real thing on fil,m no faking itt!! and as far, as, we, know of the bimbos do, like the more the merrierr as far as we know off okayy!! and if you want too ejeclate more cram in the viagara!!
tell her to suck it all night and wen it's about to come out stop then keep sucking then stop then keep sucking ejaculate walla i tea spone of milk is out
Three techniques, none of which are good/practical for you:

Refraining from sex for at least two days before a shoot maximizes the amount of ejaculate

There is a prescription drug that you can take that will increase the volume - but it is not recommended for casual use - the actors are taking risks with their bodies if they use it

Turkey baster - yes really. Some actors have a fake ejaculate squirted into them just before they are ready to orgasm. This adds volume.

Of course, as well as these techniques, there are also camera angles, film edits/inserts, and other devices to make these shots seemingly last forever. This is Hollywood, not real life! (Oh, and Spiderman can't really climb tall buildings or swing from a thread).
First of all, this has been discussed many times over the last week only. Alot of talk about increasing semen volume and quantity, and alot of talk of p*rn special effects. Please excuse my rashness in this response, as I am getting a bit tired of repeating myself over and over again.

First of all, not ALL guys in p*rn ejaculate so much. In fact, being in the buisness myself and watching alot of various p*rn for obvious reasons, I can say that in my opinion, most p*rn studs couldn't produce a decent ejaculation if their life depended on it. You are probably refering to some special cases, such as Peter North, Jules Jordan, or even Jake Steed, who are amongst the only ones who actually ejaculate a "spectacular" amount with power and velocity.

Second, unless the p*rn video uses special effects for whatever reason (CGI for backgrounds or objects, interactive titles, etc.), the c*mshots are 99% of the time real. Some poor fools will be unable to ejaculate on cue, so enter the "stunt c*ck" (another guy who basically just comes in to provide the final c*mshot for the scene). Interactive DVD titles also rely alot on fake ejaculator devices, although alot of these titles also feature at least one real c*mshot. So don't listen to those saying it's all fake and it's all special effects. It is quite the opposite, except in cases when it's called for (example: in Michael Ninn's "Latex"; the final scene has a guy in a leather suit and a fake plastic c*ck who ejaculates the equivalent of 6 gallons for about 5 minutes non stop. obviously fake).

Thirdly, I don't think women actually care or particularly enjoy large ejaculations. Judging from alot of responses I've read over the last few weeks, alot of women appear to be "c*mdodgers"; prefering to be as far away as possible from a spurting d*ck, thinking it's "gross" and things like that. My wife actually likes to see me ejaculate because she has never seen a guy ejaculate so much with such force, and she says she likes to see me like that. But I haven't met alot of women who actually like having the stuff shot anywhere else than internally.

Finally, how to increase your own volume & quantity. I have discussed this ad infinitum many times on many other questions, so I'll be extremelly brief;
1) take extra zinc in tablet form, never more than 100mgs per day
2) Eat right, no junk food, no smoking, no alcohol
3) Eat lots of protein from Soy, Tofu, and tomato based products.
4) Lecithin has proven to work for my own quantity increase.
5) drink alot of water
6) refrain from ejaculation for 2 to 3 days. After 3 to 4 days, your body will get rid of excess semen so it won't matter.

I hope this has proven useful!

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