im overweight and my inner thighs rub together causing sores. serious question. thanks.?

the question is . is this a common problem with over weight people ? and what can i do to prevent it? what can i do to help it once it happens?
Answers:    its normal, just get on a diet, work out, and put baby powder between yr legs
when you sweat your thighs rub together. the only solution is wearing long underwear or dry yourself with a towel (not very convenient when your on the street!!)
try a chafing relief power-gel (monistat's a good one) Just make sure it isn't a yeast infection if the sore dosen't go away in a copple of days.
Yes it is common with overweight people. The only thing that could prevent it is by going on a diet and losing weight.

This way, you will lose the fats that are stored in your thighs, gradually eliminating the soreness caused by your skin rubbing together.

It really is annoying even when you are wearing shorts, and it alson hinders you from walking comfortably. Until you suddenly feel a throbbing heating pain in between your legs and when you check it, geeze your thighs are burning red already because of the friction.

Just lose weight dude, and it will be gone too.
Bikers and runners use a variety of different products to minimize chafing. If I remember correctly, my friend uses something called 'Butt Balm' or something silly like that when she does her long bike rides.
Put baby powder between your thighs - that should help prevent it - i'd try some noesporin or something on it after it's happened.
Once you get a sore use antibiotic cream. To prevent the sore caused by friction pay attention when you walk and try keeping your stride and stance wider and put baby powder on the inside of your thighs. You should try to exercise with leg lifts and walking to reduce the size which will get rid of the problem. I have suffered from my weight and learned a dietitian and exercise was the only way to be a happier, healthier, skinnier me. The dietitian taught me how much and when to eat. I still can have everything I like just have to do it the right way.
Yeah remember having that when I was a kid . was so painful that I couldnt even walk. Anyway back to your question . losing weight seem to be the best cure for it. But in the process of losing weight, you could use powder and keep the area dry at all times.

Another trick that I found out was the use of lavender essential oil (mixed with a carrier oil) light application on the area when you sleep help it heal much quicker.

But . Lose weight. The only real way for a permenent cure.

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