Does jacking off make your muscles grow slower, do you loose a lot of protein or something?

my friend told me that if you jack off your muscles wont be as big, because me and him workout and im just worried my muscles won't grow as big or by jacking off it is just slowing down the rate of the growth..idk i need help
Answers:    Jacking off will not slow down anything or damage your health. Your friend is spreading rumors and old wives tales. It is actually good for your health, free for the taking and it feels so dam n good.
Absolutely not.If it were so guy pornstars wouldn't have muscles would they?Masturbation actually helps the body by releasing stimulants and hormones (testosterone) to make the body feel "good" I guess you could say.Unless you notice a significant change in your muscle mass you have nothing to worry about.My opinion masturbating helps the building of muscle mass by releasing those specific hormones that make a guy "manly".

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