Condoms in the fridge?

Forgive me if this is a "dumb" question.

I normally keep my condoms in a box inside my nightstand. My bedroom can be a little toasty in the summer, even with central air. Is it ok to keep my condoms in the fridge? Will they go bad or will the cold do something to the spermicide?

I know the lable says to "keep in a cool place" but is the fridge too cold?
Answers:    I personally think it's not a dumb question at all and I applaud you for having the wherewithall to ask a question about your own health.

Firstly, I would recommend against using condoms with spermicide. These condoms have recently been tested as being less likely to prevent the spread of std's.

Secondly, don't worry about your room being a bit toasty. Latex can handle slightly warm temperatures. It's when they're next to your body heat for an extended period of time that it causes problems.

Cold temperatures can be just as dangerous as warm temperatures so I'd keep them in the shade in your nightstand.
it will be too cold and the condom will stick together
Storing condoms in the refrigerator may prevent them from being damaged. However, no condom should be used past the expiration date, regardless of where they are stored.
Read the label to check the required temperature settings for the condoms. You know how food or other Rx products sometimes have those? I don't think it hurts to try. If it says nothing about temperature, Google it!
By cool they usually mean temperatures below a certain level. This is for most products under 70* or 80* F.
Your fridge is far to cold for condoms. There is a good chance when you are ready to use one it will crack or rip. Rubber gets stiff (no pun intended) the colder it is. Not to mention you are likely to lose a bit of your own "heat" putting one on.
dont put them in there.they but get brittle
no cold condoms not good for dick or harry
let me guess. you heat them up in the microwave before you use them?!
Too warm (glove compartment) & too cold (freezer) will affect them. It can make them brittle & cause hairline fractures in the latex.
Fridge should be ok.
When they say .. "keep in a cool place" they are not talking about the temperature dude. You know, it's cool to have them near your bedsideso that they are really convenient when you might actually need one... rather than in your refrigerator where they remind you about how much you are not getting.

As long as you don't leave them sitting on your window sill in the sun, they will be perfectly OK. Keeping them in the refrigerator is just plane weird.
Nothing will happen. The condoms will be cold when you use them but that might add to the sexual pleasure.
Didn't they stop adding spermicide to condoms since they found out it has some kind of negative effect on either your skin or the condom?

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