How many times does the average male masturbate in a day?

i want to know cuz i masturbate atleast once a day or sometimes even two but i was just wondering whats the average number for everyone else.
Answers:    It depends on age. Teenage boys masturbate anything up to five or six times a day. This lessens with age but the urge to masturbate is continuous throughout life.
You are probably close to average. The lady is right, you will never lose the urge.
It depends on the day. If you saw alot of hot babes that day, your probly going to do it more than once! If its just another day, you might only do it once to satisfy yourself!
it depend! when u r young, then maybe can masturbate more time. 1 or 2 times per day is okay if u r teenage. but when sumone getting older n start have sex life, then they will reduce masturbate.

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